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PS4's Worst Game to Re-Release as Basement Brawl

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bloober Team remaking the title for free

Basement Crawl was in such a dire state when it deployed on the PlayStation 4 a few months back that Sony actually had to provide people with refunds for the atrocity. What was originally billed as a dark twist on Bomberman turned out to be an utter mess, with the developer pledging to rebuild the entire game and release it as a free download for existing owners.

Now, the studio has revealed a little more about how the title has changed since its launch, starting with its new name: Basement Brawl. “We will be re-releasing [it] on a new engine, with new characters, modes, and so on,” explained Bloober Team spokesperson Marc Calhoun. “We will have more info on that – and a beta – very soon.”

Speaking with IGN, as part of the announcement of the Polish developer’s new game Scopophobia, the representative admitted that the firm had learned a lot from its disastrous previous project. “With [that game], we made mistakes, and it's not something that we have forgotten about,” he conceded. “The most important lesson for us, I think, was to not underestimate the voice of our community.”

We just hope for the company’s sake that it gets things right this time, because rebuilding an entire game from scratch doesn’t sound like an especially inexpensive endeavour.


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Sadodi said:

Is it then safe to buy the game while it's on sale right now on PS4, if they'll be releasing a free update later to improve the game?



N711 said:

'not underestimate the voice of our community.”
Even in context of the full interview it seems funny to put it that way.



Munkyknuts said:

It did seem weird that a famously broken game like Basement Crawl was part of the summer sale...even if the new version works better and anyone who bought basement crawl gets a free copy of Basement Brawl, it seems odd to continue to sell a game that doesn't work....I'd have chosen to remove all traces of it from the store until the new version came out.



odd69 said:

Now Only if i enjoyed bomberman games long enough to care...



DavidH said:

Shame it's taken them six months to announce this.
Will never touch one of their releases with a barge pole after they screwed over the initial buyers of Basement Crawl (I wasn't one).



Remixora said:

I bought this game on EU summer sale. Haven't been able to play it at all. It doesn't work. That's to bad. I hope they fix it for me to even dough I didn't buy it day one.



Krinkle_Kaptain said:

I've played a few times with about 3 buddies all here @ home, and while we did enjoy it. We didn't play for more then 10 minutes @ a time because it was glitchy and got boring pretty fast. And the scoring system was hard to understand too...good to hear about another one coming out though



ReigningSemtex said:

is this new news I thought I read about this ages ago on here. Unless it's just because of the name change

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