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PewDiePie Kickflips PS3 Classic Skate 3 Back to Life

Posted by Matt Suckley

Videos inspire reprint four years on

PewDiePie: hilarious and harmless, or scourge of the gaming community? Adored by his legions of subscribers and seemingly hated by everyone else, the Swedish YouTube star always seems to split opinion. But whatever your take on the gurning personality, it's impossible to deny his influence.

The success of the sensation's Skate 3 videos, in which he exploits the notoriously buggy nature of the game for comic effect, has actually led to publisher EA reprinting the 4-year-old game. The video series garnered over 12 million views on the first entry alone, and those kind of figures are hard to ignore – even for a company as big as EA.

The direct influence of PewDiePie, and possibly other popular YouTubers, has led to a 32 per cent increase in the skate-'em-up's sales since last year. And GAME, the UK retail chain, reported so much in-store demand that it actually requested a reprint.

EA, recognising the requests, happily obliged with a budget re-release in the PS3 Essentials range. Four whole years later, and after the release of next-gen consoles, it seems almost unbelievable. But if this unexpected spike of renewed interest continues, maybe the firm will even consider a sequel, which otherwise seemed dead in the water. Well done, PewDiePie – you did good this time.


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zerotheclown said:

i would love a new skate on ps4, but i won't be going back to skate 3 to play with pewdiepie.



TOMBOY25 said:

i hate this guy i hate this guy i hate this guy i hate this guy i hate this guy i hate this guy i hate this guy i hate this guy i hate this guy i hate this guy



Sadodi said:

Hating people because they're popular since Justin Bieber. Just like ^this guy, most people don't have a reason for why they hate on popular guys. I myself respect guys like Pewds because of his influence on other people.



Mrskinner said:

I find him amusing. When he plays a survival horror game I just have to watch haha



Cyrso said:

I'm indifferent to PewDiePie. He's entertaining people and making a lot of money from it, that's it.



zerotheclown said:

@Sadodi it isn't blind hatred, i just meant i dislike him, meaning his style of videos don't appeal to me, his "humor" doesn't do it for me, etc. just because he's popular doesn't mean we all think he's actually good.



AFCC said:

I love Pewds, but he doesn't even skate in his videos, he just jumps around making the game glitch out xD
EA just takes every opportunity...btw, EA, FIX THE GODDAMN GARDEN OPS ON PS4 -.-



Aaronzord said:

I don't care how popular (or otherwise someone is). If they're an irritating tool, they're an irritating tool. This guy really is.



ReigningSemtex said:

Wow you can't deny the influence he holds even though I don't watch his videos I admire that.

I hope he does videos of grandia so we get a remake of that gem complete with the option of Japanese voice actors, or Saturn bomberman!




I watched one of these vids for the first time last night. Don't understand why people hate him so much? Ok I suppose he could be seen as a little annoying but there's a lot worse out there, and I laughed out loud about 5 times during the video.



Alpha said:

@get2sammyb I never even knew him until i met my wife a few years back lol. She absolutely loves him! And i got to say so do i! xD lol Hes hilarious, although he does get a bit annoying sometimes but other than that i think hes great!



mitcHELLspawn said:

Haha I love watching him play dark souls. It's hilarious when he gets really frustrated and starts cursing in Swedish haha



naruball said:

Don't like the guy. I gave him a fair chance but I found his voice incredibly annoying. After hearing him scream while playing Deadpool, I decided to never watch any of videos ever again. But they still show up on what's new/popular on youtube. I ended up watching one more titled something along the lines of "I'm leaving". A video in which he explain how he'd be gone for a single week. If that's not incerdibly obnoxious, I don't know what is. Kim Kardshian has huge influence on young girls, but I still have no respect for her.

This is not blind hate. I gave both of them a fair chance and simply found them annoying. I don't think they do actually do anything to deserve any respect.

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