Resident Evil

For many, Resident Evil has already been butchered beyond recognition. Ignore the mixed quality of Capcom’s recent outings, and you’re still left with the weird Milla Jovovich movies and terrible CG flicks. What could possibly be worse than all of the above, though? Well, a television show based upon the survival horror series, of course.

And that’s exactly what a production company called Mance Media are currently pitching. Dubbed simply ‘Arklay’ – after the mountainous area from the original game – the show is described as a thrilling detective drama, in which Detective James Reinhardt is “thrust into a series of bizarre homicides”. Naturally, there’s a virus behind it all – and presumably a dude with bleached hair and shades.

To be honest, the description doesn’t sound that bad at all, but it’s such a vanilla concept that we’re not sure why it needs to be connected to the popular property in the first place. In our opinion, that’s just going to cause production complications – after all, how will the casting agency ever find an actor with biceps as big as Chris Redfield?

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