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No Personal Information Has Been Accessed in PlayStation Network Outage

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hack job

Well, this is all starting to seem eerily familiar now, isn’t it? There were signs earlier today that the PlayStation Network was coming back online as planned – we even logged in for a few fleeting moments – but the service hasn’t returned quite as quickly as we anticipated. In fact, it’s been out for nearing 12 hours now, which is concerning to say the least.

Fortunately, in a statement on the matter, the platform holder has insisted that this is still very much an attack – and not a hack. “Like other major networks around the world, the PSN has been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic,” the firm explained. “Although this has impacted your ability to access our network, no personal information has been accessed.”

The platform holder insists that it’s working to return things to normal as soon as possible, so hopefully we’ll start to see the service flicker back into life over the next few hours. We’ll be providing more updates on this ongoing drama both on Twitter and Facebook, as well as through here, so make sure that you stay tuned if you’re eager to get gaming again.


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ShogunRok said:

The real problem here is that it just starts to look bad. 12 hours is pretty long time. Wonder what impact this'll have on the scheduled maintenance tomorrow?



get2sammyb said:

@ShogunRok Yeah, it looks terrible at this point. I think they're stupid if they go ahead with tomorrow's maintenance at this point. Uninitiated people are going to log in two days running and see error messages, which, as you say, looks really bad.



3Above said:

@get2sammyb "But we are initiated, aren't we Bruce. Members of the League of Shadows!"

On Topic- Given the releases that are scheduled for Tuesday logically they would have no choice but to put off the maintenance. Unless as you say they're just stupid.



PMasterTy9 said:

It's going to look bad either way but it was a widespread DDoS attack and not a hack. Sony was just one of the victims.



PoNY_LTD said:

Hmmm maybe it's on its way to break the "24day down time" record
Oh, how would we all laugh, if it was the case!



Jazzer94 said:

I wonder if they've done some of the maintenance they were planning to do though the thing that has left me speechless is the near 500 comments on the other article.



Tasuki said:

Appearently Blizzard is having the same problem as well today. I wonder what's going on?



ComicBookGuy said:

I wish more people understood how the Internet works. So much flame going on on the webs at the moment. A DDoS != a hack. It's 'merely' a network packet flood that denies service. Nothing high tech or 'hacky' about it and no access to any server can happen during a DDoS, thus nothing can ever be stolen.
Oh and btw, != == not equal to.




I'd be surprised if that many people have credit card details etc on PSN. Once bitten and all that. Blame does sit with the morons who carried out the attack who think it's a victim-less crime. With all the maintenance PSN etc though you'd expect Sony to be better prepared for this kind of attack.



N711 said:

@seeafish so are these so called DDos (insert name here) guys overzeelous (M$ as their names suggest) Fanboys taking fan wars a bit too seriously?



car1os_h_ said:

From the UK and I only had problems for an hour yesterday afternoon. All fine today been online all morning



ComicBookGuy said:

@N711 not sure, probably not since other services got hit too. They do seem like kids though. Their tweets imply sooooo much juvenile tension you can almost hear the breaking voices behind it.



Shaolin said:

I suspect that what we're seeing here is the legacy of Sony's court action against GeoHot and other sanctions against hackers/modders. I can only assume that the hackers feel that there is still need for them to bring Sony to task. Hackers act illegally but I still have to respect that as a demographic they are of higher intelligence than the average so I always try to pay attention to what they are doing and in particular try to figure out their motives.

In terms of what Sony could do (or perhaps should do) now that they are charging for online multiplayer, they might consider an elastic cloud structure like Amazon's S3 or Microsoft's Azure. Hackers are always trying to run denial of service attacks on Amazon but their cloud simply scales up instantly to thwart their efforts. It really is just like water rolling off a duck's back when DDoS is attempted against Amazon. Sony needs to consider this approach now that they have introduced the mandatory charge for online multiplayer.



Demi_God said:

I doubt that and that is nothing more than used as a cover up on their part. It's like doing something bad but masking it with good intentions just so they don't look like the criminal. You know, it's like the terrorists that cut off the heads of people, after they do that they say "this is your goverments fault not ours and they did this not us" even though they did it, it's nothing more then trying to place a mask on the guilty. People actually fall for it, but it's pure b.s.

While this incident isn't even close to murder, I can still use it as an example of....The guy that kills a murderer and thinks what he did is justification for his actions to also kill the killer is again a mask to really cover up his reason which is, he wanted to kill someone. Being pinned in a corner to defend is different so don't go there.

My point is, these people wanted to cause problems, it has nothing to do with Sony's greed or Sony bring hackers to court, etc etc. It has everything to do with those people wanting to cause problems and to see how many they have effected. While a lot of people talked about it, Sony handled this whole thing pretty damn well. Microsoft barely got nicked and it has nothing to do with their software or servers. This entire focus was on Sony and partially blizzard which shows it's not greed, but their ability to complicate things or cause trouble for others. That's all it is.

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