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Earn Some Respect with Grand Theft Auto Online's Double RP Promotion

Posted by Sammy Barker

You know you're making me work so hard

Were you planning on spending a not-so-cosy weekend with the in-laws over the next couple of days? Well, now you have an excuse to stay at home instead, because Rockstar’s doubling down on reputation points in Grand Theft Auto Online. From now through 3rd August, you’ll be able to boost your status at an accelerated rate – all without necessarily removing your clothes.

The developer also points out that this week will mark the last chance for you to nab the game’s Independence Day content, so if you want to pay your respects to ol’ George Washington – while wielding a personal fireworks launcher, of course – then you’re probably going to want to join this weekend’s chaos.


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jimmaggee said:

I am going to finish platinizing GTA this weekend if anyone wants to help me and vice versa?



Manic7Muppet8 said:

Might try and get an hour or two in later, if I can prize myself away from Rogue Legacy...

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