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Don't Own a PS Vita? You Must Buy This Brilliant Bundle

Posted by Sammy Barker

Uncharted, Tearaway, and more included in the box

There’s enough doom and gloom surrounding the PlayStation Vita to make a Thomas Hardy novel look uplifting by comparison, but that doesn’t mean that the system has suddenly transformed into a waste of space. In fact, despite the negativity, we’re still enjoying the device as much as ever – and actively encourage you to dive in if you haven’t already.

And just in case you do happen to be in the market for a spangly new machine, this new European bundle is well worth your attention. For the grand sum of €199.99, you’ll soon be able to buy a slim system and an 8GB memory card, along with copies of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Escape Plan, and TxK. That’s a great little selection.

Assuming that you’ve already got the console, the memory card and games will be available separately for just €39.99, which, frankly, is a bloomin’ bargain. It’s this kind of thing with a copy of Minecraft strapped on top that could really give the console the jolt that it so dearly deserves this Christmas. Let’s hope that Sony realises that, too.


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gbanas92 said:

This would be a sweet deal for North America. This mighta been enough to make me want one



Heavyman99 said:

They have this idea that Americans only buy the latest games, would kill for pre-order bonuses, and cannot take the idea that girls can play or star in games. Which is why the Greatness Awaits painting looks like a frickin' sausage fest, as does most of the PS4 marketing. Why would Americans want a game with a girl hero?



N711 said:

Just showing PS+ is about ignored. When you have a PS4 or a PS3 I think you get free PS+ trial with a Vita most of the games here were part of. They just need to better advertise PS+



KomrathDE said:

Wow that's a great starting bundle I think I'm gonna buy it as a gift for someone, these games are just great



Cyrso said:

Wow, that's a steal.

If you haven't got a PSVita yet, I couldn't recommend this bundle enough, seriously.

Tearaway and Uncharted: Golden Abyss are both amazing games. (Golden Abyss is my 2nd favourite Uncharted game, by a large margin above UC3 and UC1). Tearaway is such a delightful game that will really make you smile when you pick it up. (haven't played the other games yet)

Seriously, if you aren't sold on the next-gen consoles yet, wait for a while until next year or something (when they have got a bigger catalog of games) and get this PSVita bundle NOW if you don't have one. It's one of the best gaming purchases I've made personally. ^.^



Dodoo said:

Agreed. Anyone who buys this will be in for a treat at a good price.

Grab it peeps the Vita rocks!



SteveButler2210 said:

I managed to pick mine up for about £135, with a 16gb card, tearaway, and a load of Disney rubbish that I never touched. Having been a ps+ member since start of the IGC, I had Uncharted, gravity rush, and loads more besides. Absolute steal!



Jazzer94 said:

Good bundle but still not as good as the Tearaway + LBP 16GB bundle I got.



rjejr said:

I think Sony did themselves a great disservice when they announced they eerent making AAA games for Vita anymore. I think the aura of Dreamcast hangs over it now, fairly or not.

Im waiting for PS TV, even though it seems like 80% of Vita games wont work on it, b/c my new bedroom tv isnt smart and needs something plugged into it, and I picked PS TV over FireTV or Roku or Chromecast. And with that decision made no way Im buying both PS TV and Vita w/ no hope for great games in the future.

Sony should announce TLG is now a Vita game



GameAce said:

Some of the Vita's best games all rolled into one package with the system and a memory card at an affordable price? Yes, this works. Hopefully it's the start of the Vita catching on and not the start of it dying off.



WARDIE said:

And don't forget to purchase another memory card because the games you get in this bundle will fill it up. So you can add around another £50 on top of that price.



XyVoX said:

Isn't this bundle the new Vita with the awful LCD panel in it where every review under the sun comparing it to the OLED version says it sucks big time because if it is this cant be considered a deal surely, and for the love of god SONY are you hearing me and the thousands of others drop your ridiculous pricing model on your vita memory cards its alienating consumers.

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