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Did You Pre-Order Destiny's Big Ghost Edition? Congrats, You're Rich

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't spend it all at once

There’s been a bit of bad news orbiting around Destiny like Saturn’s ring of late, but that hasn’t lowered the hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 shooter’s profile any. You may recall the ‘Ghost Edition’ of the release opening for pre-orders earlier in the year, where it promptly sold out. Well, don’t worry if you’re still eager to spend an exorbitant amount of cash on a few ephemeral extras, as the set it selling for thousands of dollars on eBay.

The always eager folks over at NeoGAF spotted that one valid pre-order sold for $1,025 earlier this week. This has prompted other online entrepreneurs to offload their deposits, with many listings currently sitting between $300 and $500. Considering that the premium package is supposed to retail for $149.99, it seems that there’s a tidy profit to be made. Of course, you could argue that some people simply have more money than sense.

For those out of the loop, the collector’s edition includes a copy of the game, alongside various books, badges, and stickers, as well as a replica Ghost – the talking cube from the release. It all ships in a big tool box, with access to the title’s first two expansion packs. It definitely sounds like one of the better big sets, but is it really worth $1,025? We don’t think so.


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Apocalynx said:

I have my Preorder for one and while i can't say i'm not tempted, I would rather hang onto mine and enjoy it lol.



RaymanFan2 said:

@Apocalynx I would sell it and buy a standalone copy and make a tidy profit.
That's just me, though. I'm sure they'll fetch just as much when they're actually released and have sat on people's dusty shelves for a few months.



Apocalynx said:

@RaymanFan2 See, you have no idea how much i want too, but im a general collector myself.. i actually generally want it, but it if goes up in price at some point, i may be pushed to do it lol.



salcal2122 said:

So i was wondering is destiny realy not going to have match making i realy wanted to play this game



Alpha said:

I was planning on getting this game but its online only i heard... and unfortuanettly i have crappy satellite internet....

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