A bit like that Taylor Swift song featuring a chorus of gregarious goats, there are some PlayStation 4 Trophies that, to put things mildly, are trouble, trouble, trouble. Rather than ‘bah’ at them and be done with it, though, our friends over at PlayStation Access have compiled this fine video outlining their attempts to unlock them all. If you derive pleasure from scrutinizing the suffering of others, then this should appeal like a public toilet inhabited by a shoal of flesh-eating piranhas.

This particular editor hasn’t earned any of these, but despite being categorised as Ultra Rare on Sony’s next-gen machine, we can confirm that they are all doable – at least, if you possess superhuman skills when sitting behind a DualShock 4. We’ve included the full list of tough-as-titanium trinkets in the space below, but do let us know if you’ve nabbed any of them in the comments section.

Ultra Rare PS4 Trophies

[via youtube.com]