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You'll Probably Never, Ever Earn These PS4 Trophies

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't worry, neither will we

A bit like that Taylor Swift song featuring a chorus of gregarious goats, there are some PlayStation 4 Trophies that, to put things mildly, are trouble, trouble, trouble. Rather than ‘bah’ at them and be done with it, though, our friends over at PlayStation Access have compiled this fine video outlining their attempts to unlock them all. If you derive pleasure from scrutinizing the suffering of others, then this should appeal like a public toilet inhabited by a shoal of flesh-eating piranhas.

This particular editor hasn’t earned any of these, but despite being categorised as Ultra Rare on Sony’s next-gen machine, we can confirm that they are all doable – at least, if you possess superhuman skills when sitting behind a DualShock 4. We’ve included the full list of tough-as-titanium trinkets in the space below, but do let us know if you’ve nabbed any of them in the comments section.

Ultra Rare PS4 Trophies


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Tasuki said:

I don't have any of them, then again I rarely go out of my way to get trophies. I just play the game and if I get them great if not great too.



Swiket said:

The Flower one isn't that hard if you just play the last level over and over again. I wouldn't even say it's "hard".



DoctorE said:

Oh come on, some of these aren't even that hard! I have two - the Killzone one just requires you to be a little careful as you're completing the storyline, and the Flower one just requires a couple of playthroughs.

If you want HARD trophies/achievements, how about:
Peggle - Doctor of the Peggle Arts
EDF 2017 - Inferno
XCOM - No Looking Back
Flow - Vegetarian



divinelite said:

How bout just plain impossible like the power of two for ninja gaiden 2 vita
Or xblaze platinum one on vita



Avenger said:

I got the social lubricant trophy (and platinumed Watch_Dogs) and the resogun trophy (with the platinum) as well. The other trophies, I'm even not going to attempt after looking them up lol.



alphadrago5 said:

Resogun was my first ever platinum, after having my ps3 for like 4 years... it's kinda sad..
Proud to say I got 100% on Mass Effect 2 on the 360 though.



3Above said:

Im surprised they put the NATURE trophy from Flower on their list. The PURE trophy is much much harder, or at least it was on PS3 and Vita, but with he Ds4 I found it was significantly easier thanks to the improved gyros. Still really tough though.



Demi_God said:

I have the platinum for both Resogun and Watchdogs. If you want a grind of a trophy to get, try reaching the last level of awesomeness in Rayman Legends. It takes months and I still have a ways to go. o.O



Munkyknuts said:

I have the nature trophy on flower....I play it when I'm annoyed by the people around me. I get annoyed a lot.



sajoey said:

I have the Resogun platinum. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reach true 100% as my Plus ran out and I've been a bit strapped for cash lately.



Dannyboy1996 said:

I've been really struggling with the watch dogs one!!! Got to level 7 and can't bloody budge!!! so close to platinum as well :(



iSillyBoiJudas said:

Resogun I have Platinum & aiming for Platinum for Watch Dogs...I just haven't had much time to give to the game though.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

If the "Hero" one is to S rank all missions then I have that, not terribly hard but takes time and practice.



ZeD said:

It does not always mean a trophy is hard because it is ultra rare. It can just mean it is time consuming. Have a look at any Lego game. The final trophies are collectibles and there are not many "normal" gamers who would go for them. RPGs are the same. To 100% any of them it is 100+ hours!!



RawShark said:

All too hardcore for me. It's a sad testament to my gaming ability that I tend to get my rarest trophies through endless grinding rather than skill. I only just picked up the Ni No Kuni platinum last weekend after 109 hours of playtime behind me - a considerable percentage of which was spent trying to catch that bloody Lotus Bubud.

The most jaw clenchingly frustrating trophy I ever forced myself to get was probably the Lunatics Unite Plat on Motorstorm RC. The process of shaving off the last few seconds of my laptimes had me screaming at the game's tendency to flip my car seemingly at random, or even worse, have it reset the car as if it had gone out of bounds when it was quite clearly still on the track.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

I don't bother tryingbto platinum stuff. I will do football manager classic and I've only done infamous, it was pretty easy.



sackninja said:

I got the killzone one by accident... It was simple, seriously, these aren't that bad.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

I'm determined to get the Platinum trophy in MGS V: Ground Zeroes, only because its doable. I would never grind/play a game solely for trophies, well not unless it happened naturally.



thedevilsjester said:

I have none of these (yet) but am working towards Resogun, Don't Starve and Watch Dogs. (Mostly practice!)



RudysaurusRex said:

I'm pretty sure Achievement Hunter has a guide for the Trials Fusion trophy. Obviously its the Xbox One version, but it can be done the same.



Dohv said:

I'm not the type of person that will just sit for hours for one trophy. I don't have time for that. I've only platinumed one game in 8 years and that's InFamous Second Son.



oskiboi said:

I have the watchdogs trophy (platinum) however the social lubricant trophy was insane. I have never sworn so much at a game in my life!

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