The upcoming PlayStation 4 sequel Dead Island 2 isn’t the only apocalyptic adventure in production at publisher Deep Silver, as the firm has announced another entry in its somewhat inconsistent zombie series: Escape Dead Island. Due out on the PlayStation 3 later this year, the title is being billed as a “survival mystery” game, which promises to provide a unique perspective on the property.

Designed to bridge the gap between the original outing and its next-gen successor, you’ll learn the origins of the virus that’s responsible for the inaugural release’s holiday from hell. Adopting a cel shaded art style, you’ll play as Cliff Calo, the supposedly “spoiled” son of a media mogul who steals his father's private yacht in order to shoot a documentary based on the outbreak in Banoi. Naturally, that turns out to be a bit of a bad idea.

The main twist here is that you’ll need to battle both the undead and your onsetting insanity, as your surroundings become increasingly unpredictable. Judging by the trailer, you’ll encounter numerous nightmarish episodes, which appear to resemble Nintendo Wii classic Mad World. Additional details are scarce right now, but we do know that it’s being developed by Lead & Gold maker FatShark, and will deploy both physically and digitally for $39.99.

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