So, are we all enjoying the Destiny beta? We sure hope so, because Bungie has a bit of a surprise for you this weekend as it opens up two multiplayer maps for a limited time.

Together with the Rusted Lands arena that featured in the sci-fi shooter's alpha, you'll also be able to journey to everyone's favourite red planet, Mars, courtesy of a new game mode that's really going to put your preparation skills to the test. Dubbed The Iron Banner, you'll be taking your own equipment into battle with no level restrictions – so everything that you've gained in the beta so far will either become a weakness or a huge boon. Best get hoarding those rare items, eh?

As if paying a visit to a dusty old planet wasn't enough, there will even be powerful rewards up for grabs if you manage to seize victory. However, gunning down your foes isn't the only thing you'll have to worry about, as The Iron Banner event will only be available for just two hours on the 19th July at 14:00PM PDT. Are you ready to have a grab at glory? Lock and load in the comments section below.