If trudging all the way through Dark Souls II wasn't enough pain for you, and you feel the burning desire to indulge in yet more masochistic torture, never fear, as new details have emerged regarding From Software's plans for the title's DLC. Most notably, the developer released a slew of screenshots for the first part of this extra content.

These particular images are of the Crown from the Sunken King pack, which is the first of three episodes releasing in the coming weeks and months. Together, the trio of downloadable extras will form what is being described as the Lost Crowns arc. This will likely have veterans licking their lips, while the rest of us can comfortably resume the foetal position in the corner.

Do you like the look of these new screenshots, or is the Dark Souls franchise just a bit too much for you? Will you be picking up this new DLC? Kindle a bonfire in the comments section below.

[via dualshockers.com]