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What's the Best Price for The Last of Us Remastered PS4 in the UK?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cheap and cheerful

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this that you’re at least thinking about picking up The Last of Us Remastered for your PlayStation 4. Naughty Dog’s next-gen re-release has been garnering some pretty impressive review scores around the web, and regardless of whether you’ve played the game before, we suspect that this will sit pretty high on your wishlist. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best British prices that we can currently find for the survival horror escapade.

Are you planning to pick up this remaster – despite already purchasing it on the PlayStation 3? Are these prices simply too high for a title that you've played before? Is this your first time experiencing Joel and Ellie's distressing adventure? Hit us with a brick in the comments section below.

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MoleZandor said:

The only thing I want from the day one edition is the costumes. I dont want faster crafting etc, don't need to make the game easier and I think bonus xp is stupid. Xp stands for experience. Typing in a code is hardly gaining experience, it's just a lie.



Cron_13 said:

SimplyGames uk is £37.85 for the day one and they generally send well before it comes out so you usually end up with it a day or two before the release date. I only use them or Amazon. Wouldn't use GameStop UK even if it was £20...




I went digital for this, It was a matter of pence really so I wasn't bothered.



Reverandjames said:

I thought the day one edition would include a time machine to warp you back to the first day you experienced the game....

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