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Weirdness: What Is BioShock Infinite's Logo Doing on Fox News?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Fox News appears to be a big fan of Irrational Games’ politically charged first-person shooter BioShock Infinite, as the United States station adapted the PlayStation 3 adventure’s logo for a recent segment on immigration, dubbed ‘Defending the Homeland’. Seeing as the game itself deals with the very idea of xenophobia, the irony wasn’t lost on creator Ken Levine, who noted on Twitter that he was “glad to help” but wasn’t fond of the typesetting.

Hilariously, the logo itself appeared during an interview on Fox & Friends, in which governor Rick Perry encouraged President Obama to visit the Texas border in order to experience the “immigration crisis” for himself. Where's Columbia chief Zachary Hale Comstock and the rest of the Founders when you need them, huh? You can watch the full video for yourself through here.


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Lionhart said:

Oh wow! This is awesome! Sorry I missed this news segment. I love both BioShock Infinite and Fox News (specifically, Bill O'Reilly and the lovely Megan Kelly).



charlesnarles said:

@SimonAdebisi Fox News is nightmarishly reminiscent of other older fear-mongering racist propoganda machines, only their target has shifted from one middle-eastern culture to another. Honestly, the things they report may have once been news, but their bias slant is so huge that they come off as uninterested in reporting the true facts of a matter.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@charlesnarles I would love to see an outside company do a candid behind the scenes series on fox news, i can't imagine the turgid bullsh*t that gets discusses each day. One of my favourite and I believe greatest TV shows ever is Newsroom.



Fire-and-Water said:

Just reminding the masses that just like Bioshock Infinite, you're gonna need to suspend disbelief in order to really enjoy the wacky story.



Lagnaut said:

Glad to see it wasn't just me who noticed this. Seeing a still of it makes it really obvious. Don't want to get into a political debate here but not wanting tens of thousands of people crashing your nation's border can hardly be considered xenophobia.



Alpha said:

@charlesnarles pretty much all news nowadays doesn't even show true news.... World war 3 could happen and they are more worried about stuff that doesn't come close.... If it isn't about death horror politics and slander.... Then it ain't news... I barley hear anything good on the news.

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