Father figure Joel may promise to teach Ellie how to play guitar at one point in PlayStation 3 – and soon-to-be PlayStation 4 – exclusive The Last of Us, but we didn’t realise that the potty mouthed protagonist was already something of a whiz on the violin. In truth, she’s not – that’s just musician Taylor Davis posing in her burgundy shirt, and performing a seriously rocking adaptation of Gustavo Santaolalla’s haunting soundtrack.

Already a sensation in the Nintendo sphere, Davis’ incredible The Legend of Zelda covers have had our sister site’s ears burning. While the composition and performance here is pretty incredible, though, she gets additional kudos from us for the video’s production values – that really looks like a post-apocalyptic United States that she’s exploring. It’s just a shame that thumping tunes aren’t exactly the best way to deal with Clickers, huh?

[via youtube.com]