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Weirdness: Garrus, What Are You Doing in Doctor Who?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Mass Effect's popular Turian must have hopped into the TARDIS

Doctor Who will always baffle this particular editor. The low-budget BBC sci-fi series is a British institution like James Bond and Bourbon biscuits, but has always prompted a raised eyebrow from this dismissive scribe. Alas, a new trailer for the latest episode in the never-ending property has prompted a similar reaction from fans – as it seemingly stars Garrus of Mass Effect fame.

Of course, much more likely is that it actually rips off BioWare’s dulcet-toned Turian, but with the Doctor Who character remaining unnamed, we suppose that a crossover could be on the cards. Lead writer Steven Moffat better hope that that’s the case anyway, because fans of the PlayStation 3 franchise are already baying for the head honcho’s blood.

To make matters worse, the aforementioned overlord and former frontman Matt Smith are both known to be admirers of EA Games’ brand, having been snapped at Comic-Con last year playing with Commander Shepherd’s somewhat silly Omni-Wrench tool. We’ve included the offending trailer in the space below – it all looks like a load of old tosh to us.


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yamipuff said:

Funniest article I have read in a long time. When similarities appear one would only have to an accusation of "ripping off". A certain writer will always baffle this particular reader.



MadchesterManc said:

How you've managed to write an article trashing a TV series & eeking out 3 paragraphs for what is a split-second glimpse of a character in a trailer that bears a minor resemblance to an alien species in a game is highly commendable. Its not like Mass Effect doesn't 'ripoff', pay 'homage' or 'reference' any shows/movies cough Star Trek cough



CanisWolfred said:

I think the better Question is: What is Garrus doing off the ship?*

* In-joke, my bro and I never used Garrus the entire Trilogy.



Dodoo said:

@get2sammyb Definitely more than a passing resemblance to me too but I'm not surprised as things seem to get ripped off so often these days...



ShogunRok said:

I can kinda see the resemblance, especially with the head plating, but since when was Garrus a robot?



ShogunRok said:

If you crossed an Exo from Destiny with Garrus, you'd get this.

God, imagine a Mass Effect game that's like Destiny? Okay, getting ahead of myself...



chazaroonie said:

@get2sammyb it is only a glimpse and is pretty dark, so the actual resemblance to Garrus may only be minor. Not long to wait though for clarification, the series begins soon. It must be difficult to create new alien beings though these days, as so much has been done already that creators are bound to take inspiration from pre existing source material.

@ShogunRok slightly off topic yes, but a Mass Effect game set up like Destiny? Wow!!!! Let's hope BioWare is paying attention prior to the release of the next iteration of the series.



RaymanFan2 said:

Low-budget didn't seem like a particularly stinging insult, @get2sammyb... you did realize from watching the trailer that it's definitely not low-budget anymore?



Ginkgo said:

@get2sammyb " I like low-budget things. I just don't like Doctor Who." - cough, splutter...what?! could you not like Dr Who? My 10 year old would eat your alive for saying such things. Perhaps you missed it as a kid. Coming to it as an adult might not make the same impression.

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