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Video: Alright, Want to Know the Best Thing About Destiny on PS4?

Posted by Ben Potter

Blame it on the boogie

We’ve said a lot about Destiny on the PlayStation 4. There are some things that we love about the game, and some things that we’re not so keen on. However, there’s one thing that we can all agree on: dancing is seriously fun. No, really – we even made a daft video to prove it. Show us your best moves in the comments section below.


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Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Never thought to try dancing in battle, now I know what I was missing. I do hope they add more dance moves, I feel £££££ being made on that.



Dual-shock-spok said:

I danced every chance I got!! Shoot, dance !! Hop of my sparrow, dance! Land in the tower, dance!!! Ahhhhh, yes, good times.



Remixora said:

That was pretty hilarious!! But seriously dough you guys have to much spear time. ^^,



ComicBookGuy said:

Hah! Nice!
Would be fun if dancing was a mini mini-game and you had to hit a few timed button prompts to dance ever more awesome.

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