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Uncharted Collection a 'Good Candidate' for PS4, but Sony Won't 'Flood the Market' with Remakes

Posted by Sammy Barker

Firm won't Sully reputation

While the PlayStation 4 may be garnering a bit of a reputation for re-releases, The Last of Us Remastered is the only real port currently in Sony's portfolio. Granted, the likes of Escape Plan and Sound Shapes did accompany the console at launch, but these seemed more like late additions to the platform holder’s cross-buy initiative, rather than full-on remakes.

However, with rumours swirling regarding a next-gen edition of Beyond: Two Souls, likeable Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has hinted that some kind of Uncharted Collection would be ace. “There are requests from some consumers for games that were released later in the generation, like Uncharted, which people might have missed,” he said. “That would be a good candidate.”

Earlier in the year, an Italian site suggested that Nathan Drake was set to leap into the new generation in a five game pack, featuring all of his PlayStation 3 adventures, as well as Vita spin-offs Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Uncharted: Fight for Fortune. Somewhat surprisingly, this has failed to materialise as of yet – but it would make a nice promotional tool for the series’ upcoming sequel, don't you think?

Whether it actually is on the agenda or not, Yoshida is conscious of the fact that the manufacturer can’t simply stuff the retail channel with dozens upon dozens of ports. “We don't want to flood the market with remade games,” he concluded. Personally, we don’t have a problem with the re-releases, as long as they’re accompanied by new and original titles. With the likes of Metro: Redux and Grand Theft Auto V on the way from third-parties this year, though, the firm may just want to pump the brakes for now.


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Jazzer94 said:

Would have preferred an Uncharted collection instead of The Last of Us Remastered but I might be in the minority with that opinion.



get2sammyb said:

@ferrers405 Personally, in the case of the good ones, I genuinely don't see why not. As long as it's a relatively easy port and it's not taking resources away from new projects, it sort of makes sense...

However, Yoshida says that they absolutely won't be doing that, so I guess you're only going to see a handful more re-releases at most.



jbrewer99 said:

Personally i think since both the ps4 and xbox one dont have backwards compatibility these remakes or upgraded collections are great ideas. Of course we all want new games in our favorite series' as well, but there is nothing wrong with upgrading some of these classics and making them available again with better visuals.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@Jazzer94 An Uncharted Collection would have made more sense to build up hype/filler towards Uncharted 4. But it was probably just easier for Naughty Dog to "remaster" the one game. If it were to happen, get a different studio.

Topic: If Sony want to re-release games then i can't stop them. I wouldn't say no to a Syphon Filter or The Getaway Collection or remake.




@jbrewer99 ever wonder why they don't have backward compatibility and Sony and Microsoft just have to put these 'much loved' remakes out at £40 each? Think the term is 'double dip' in other other industries.



glassmusic said:

I can see both sides of this. Yeah, there are already a lot of remakes coming out for the PS4. There were also a lot of remakes made for the PS3. Duck Tales, Kingdom Hearts, there were a ton of them, some good, some bad (Silent Hill, I'm looking at you).

Flooding the market sounds like a bad thing, but it's just giving players more choices. Many people who own a PS4 came from Camp X-Box, so these games would be new to them. That's a demographic that can't be ignored. It's a great way of saying "this is what you've been missing out on. That's right, PS rocks."

Plus, I'd buy the $#!* out of a remastered Uncharted set. Who wouldn't want to play those games again, but with even better graphics? If they followed the Metro model they could make each a downloadable title at a reasonable price ($15 or so, with a Plus launch promo at $10). I can't see that not selling well.



RawWilson1 said:

I want all the Uncharteds remastered! I was Xbox only last-gen and missed out on everything Playstation. This is why I can't wait til July 29! TLoU_RemasteredFTW!



jbrewer99 said:

You can certainly call it double dipping and make it a negative thing, but if people werent going to buy these remakes they wouldnt be made in the first place. At the end of the day, if you dont want to buy the game again, then simply dont buy it. If you do want to see the updated visuals or feel the desire, then by all means buy the games again. For me, I have no issue doing this for games I really loved. I have bought Nintendo's windwaker hd and love it. Tomb Raider definitive edition on ps4 was beautiful. I found both of these totally worth the money I spent. Another thing is, some people sold thier last gen consoles to pay for the new ones. If they miss some of thier old favorites, then this gives them a great way to play them again on the new machines. Personally im fine with the remakes and "double dipping", as long as they arent pulling too many resources from new games to remake old ones. The great thing is we all have a choice. Dont want to double dip, then simply dont do it.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

As an Xbox 360 only gamer last gen who only played parts of Uncharted 1-3 on a friends PS3, I'd love to see remastered versions of those games for PS4.

I can see why some might be unhappy about remakes, but as Sammy said, if it's not taking away resources from new releases, why not? Plus, it gives developers the possibility to a) get to know the hardware and b) make an extra buck, which both benefits future, new releases.

Also, it could even boost sales for new games, in the case of Uncharted. I'm sure Uncharted 4 will be perfectly playable and understandable if one doesn't has played 1-3, because Sony knows that lots of PS4 owners didn't own a PS3 last gen, and I'm sure Uncharted 4 will still sell like crazy on its own, but having the opportunity to catch up on Drake and Sullys story on PS4 before Uncharted 4 launches would benefit its sales nonetheless, me thinks.




@Reverend_Skeeve Isn't that what PS Now is suppose to give you? The chance to play old games you never tried before? Guess that would be a treble dip. All these remakes just look like an attempt to maximise profit with minimum expenditure and allow Sony et al to over inflate their 'games available now for our shiny new system' claim by really doing nothing. And of course they're taking resources from other projects. Naughty Dog don't have infinite resources.



ferrers405 said:

@get2sammyb yeah but backward compatibility makes more sense to me, i had to bought a lot of PS2 games in the PS3 again because i couldn't play them again and I'm tired of this situation, i won't buy more remakes on PS4. I understand people who are new to PS buying them, but again i don't think that's enough to justify this wave of remakes.



CanisWolfred said:

Sounds a little too late if you ask me. The PS3 has a gazillion, and the PS4 already has more than its fair shair of ports and remakes. Personally, I'm kind of glad to hear we won't be saying many more re-releases. All they're doing is devaluing the money I already spent.



Tasuki said:

@Reverend_Skeeve: I am in the same boat as you. As someone who went the Xbox 360 route last gen I am glad that some of these great PS3 games like TLoU are being remade for the PS4. Give me and other like me a chance to play them.

@voodoo341: Kinda. Playstation Now is a streaming service so unless you have a good internet connection you might have a problem playing those games on Playstation Now where a remake would be a better choice.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Tasuki Yes, exactly. I didn't play TLoU as well...I almost even bought it despite the fact that I didn't even have a PS3. I had borrowed one from a friend and for a few month and was very close to get the game because everyone was raving about it. Decided against it and use the mojney for my PS4 fund instead. Glad I waited. Same with GTA V and Tomb Raider. Both games I skipped because I wanted to safe the money for my PS4 and in GTA Vs case hoped for an eventual PS4 port. Loved Tomb Raider on PS4 and looking forward to GTA V.



sinalefa said:

I love Uncharted but I would not buy a collection. At least PS2 to PS3 collections benefitted from HD and trophies. I felt underwhelmed by U3 so I would rather wait for the fourth one.



drpepperdude100 said:

What I want are remakes of ps1 games, not games that just came out. I would love to see a remake of MediEvil or The Legend of Dragoon. Wholly crap now that would be awesome. Or maybe a new Ape Escape. But I did just pre-order The Last of Us on ps4. I didn't play the game on ps3 but I did watch the whole story through let's plays on YouTube. I thought the story was awesome so I bought it on ps4. I wouldn't mind a remake of other ps3 games but I would prefer something older. Sony also needs to hurry up with more ps4 updates for the interface. It lacks a lot. It also needs ps1 and ps2 games on the store or through an emulator for disc playback.



jmburks said:

I would love to play through all the uncharted games again before the new uncharted 4 comes out. I hope they make a uncharted collection at some point. Definitely my favorite games on ps3.



rjejr said:

The flood of remakes is inevetable if PS2 to PS3 is anything to go buy. Though at least most of those were collections- Jak, Sly, Ratchet, GoW, ZoE, KH - so it was nice to have them all in one place. GTAV and Last of Us and TR I wouldnt rebuy as stand alone games. UC I might just for 2 but I wouldnt replay the 1st. Im playing TR on PS3 now and it kind of feels like an UC reboot so Im good.



KelticDevil said:


Exactly. I loved the Uncharted series.....a lot. But even I wouldn't purchase a collection. And I question why this would make sense for Sony. Yes, I am aware the collection would sell well, but wouldn't this type of situation call for PlayStation Now? And Sony has obviously dumped a lot of $ into that.

Now I would like to see Uncharted: Golden Abyss come to consoles due to the Vita dying a slow death.



Gamer83 said:

If it got the treatment Halo is getting on X1, I'd buy an Uncharted collection. I would hope an outside studio does it and not Naughty Dog though. All focus after TLoU Remastered should be on Uncharted 4.



zeldagaymer93 said:

As long as it doens't take away resources to make a new game in the series then I don't see what the problem is. About 1/3 of people who own a PS4 did not own a PS3 so the collection will sell for sure. Especially if released during a slow sales month. As a non PS3 owner I really hope they do this!

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