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UK Sales Charts: Watch Dogs Reconnects with the Top Spot

Posted by Sammy Barker

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After a few weeks with shoddy signal, Ubisoft’s sandbox smash Watch Dogs has re-established a connection with the summit of the UK sales charts. The title had been obstructed by Sniper Elite III, which has slipped into second position this week. FIFA 14 mirrored the Netherlands in third, while Wolfenstein: The New Order climbed up into fourth on the back of retailer promotions.

Elsewhere, first-person favourite Call of Duty: Ghosts breached sixth, as Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition built a path into eighth. Improvements to the online experience saw Battlefield 4 climb into tenth, while World Cup bundles sent inFAMOUS: Second Son flying up into 23rd. As always, you can peruse the full list of slow summer movers and shakers through here.


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Dodoo said:

This is good news imo.

I really can't believe how much negativity Watch Dogs has gained from the gaming press and gamers themselves.

Basically I think Ubisoft shot themselves in the foot by creating too much hype for the game which made peoples expectations unrealistically high. I mean what more do people want, the game is awesome?!



SecondServing said:

@Dodoo Well, even though I like game, I find it kind of boring at times. I think the graphics look great!(Which everyone seemed to whining about) But I find the gameplay to be lacking at times. Also the story is lame tbh. 7/10

Hopefully Watch Dogs 2(it will happen) will offer better gameplay.

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