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This Mortal Kombat X Fatality Is the Grossest Thing You'll See on PS4

Posted by Nicola Hayden

Final move was censored at E3

One of the E3 announcements that caused a big bang was the latest instalment in NetherRealm Studios' long-running fighting franchise, Mortal Kombat X. However, while the fight to the death looked stunning in spite of its questionable backing track, it still may have seemed a little tame. And that's because Scorpion's fatality was censored for the biggest gaming event of the year.

The embedded clip shows the real fatality in all of its gruesome glory, but make sure to check it fast as videos are getting removed. If you have a weak stomach or are currently eating, however, we won't be held responsible for any projectile vomiting that you may suffer if you dare to watch. The fatality itself takes the ingredients that you'd expect from the franchise's signature dish, and sprinkles in little details to make it more realistic. Is the bloody end what you wanted from this sequel, or do you think that it's time to tone things down? Be brave and leave your comments below.


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Scollurio said:

Ok that's seriously disgusting. But so well done... in an artistic/technical sense.
Can't wait to play that. Facial Expression on Sub Zero's face made me shiver...



Gamer83 said:

With MK this stuff is so over the top it reaches the point of parody. I'd be disappointed if it was ever toned down.



fchinaski said:

Very good one it seems, but on par with MK9's level of violence I guess, only more technically impressive from what (little) we can see. I don't find it much more gross then some of the grisly ones on MK9. Also, I think there should be more blood gushing from the split head/brain — the blood shouldn't just leak and puddle from THAT, should it? But don't mind me, I'm a gore hound and horror flick buff, so...



get2sammyb said:

@Gamer83 I totally agree. It is disgusting, but like you say, it reaches a point where it's just silly and laugh out loud funny, rather than disturbing.



ThreadShadow said:

So if this happened to a real person we could laugh because it's OTT? I'm sorry friends, not buying the OTT argument for violence.



Gemuarto said:

This is just sick... Is this game for maniacs and perverts or what? T___T.... Hope it will be censured in final realese. It looks like developers don't have ideas how to make game better, so they bet on violance =(. very sad about modern culture.



fchinaski said:

@ThreadShadow You mean a real ninja from hell choping the face of a real ice ninja from an ice ninja clan?

Also, I find it funny how the anti-violence on entertainment crowd love to criticize fake violence (emphasis is on fake) but keep coming back to watch it and criticize it again. Guilty pleasure anyone? Live and let live, no ninjas were harmed in the making of this game.



Gemuarto said:

@fchinaski Only sick pervert will watch this second time. Talk for yourself, buddy =). Human soul is too trancedent and beautiful to suffer this **** twice =)



RaymanFan2 said:

As Yahtzee said in his review of the last one that got initially banned is Aussie; "I understand the viewpoint, at least. It's that knowledge that I'm certainly not getting off to this, but somebody somewhere is." and from Manhunt "It's clearly labelled not for kids, but kids are going to play it, if for no other reason than that it's way cooler to talk about this kind of gore in the playground than it is to talk about it around the water cooler."



fchinaski said:

@Gemuarto I meant the same people always come back to criticize violence on games but also comeback to watch the next gross stuff that comes out from "perverted" minds, not that they'll keep watching this one video on repeat, but anyway.
And you can get out of your high horse now that you showed how unknown people on the internet are perverted and sick because they like violent games.



ThreadShadow said:

@fchinaski Didn't watch the video. Didn't need to. I saw enough of this garbage during E3. Just addressing peoples attempts to justify this type of content.
And fortunately, you also being an unknown person on the internet, invalidates your opinion too.



Scollurio said:

@Gemuarto lol sorry but if you're disgusted by it, you're not the target audience and NO ONE should EVER pray for ANY kind of censorship. Ever. This game is going to be as good and better as MK9, fighting-gameplay wise, the violence is just Mortal Kombat's trademark. It's a game easily to be avoided, no need to censor it for everyone just because of the opinion of a few.



Scollurio said:

@ThreadShadow You do know that there is MUCH MUCH MUCH worse based on real life even on the internet right? You're a mature person (I assume for your benefit) and you're free to avoid stuff you don't find entertaining or even find it disgusting, no one is going to switch off the internet because there's a small percentage of gross content. What I am saying is this: People have a brain and a free will. Use both to avoid content you don't like, it's not like someone forces you to play MK so quit the criticism.



get2sammyb said:

@ThreadShadow No of course not, because that would be real people. This is just, to me, a modern extension of Punch & Judy - it's slapstick. I do 100 per cent understand why people don't like it, though, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that either.



Gemuarto said:

@Scollurio This must be 100% censured. What if somebody will play that and then try it in real life T___T. How gross will be that. We gamers must be fist who will fight against violance. Let's fight against cruel reality and live in our pink and happy garden of soft smiles.



Alphatitans said:

@ whoever is disgusted with this game or any game with violence in. What games do you play ? I'm all for a bit of gore and violence in a game as I can differentiate between actual violence and fantasy violence I don't go running round the streets dragging people out of cars and firing guns at strangers in the street chucking grenades at the police or stealing fighter jets blowing up everything in sight nor do I conjuring magic and carry a sword and deafeat evil beasts from the otherworld. Well I do but only in games lol nor would I be influenced from horror, thriller films or books. I can quite clearly say I've never encountered or heard of this happening in the real world. your argument is your opinion but doesn't really stand for much in my opinion, lots of people like violent games as a release or a laugh they can tell it's not real and would never want to enact any of the above scenarios in real life.



fchinaski said:

Oh, I also think it's perfectly fine if it's not one's cup of tea. And everyone has a right to have their own tastes and limits when it comes to violence in entertainment. What I don't like is the self-righteousness and moral judgement that almost always sneak in everytime the video game violence issue comes up.

And once and for all:

You can't blame artistic depictions of violence for real world violence. On the odd chance that real world violence seems influenced by fake entertainment violence, there are always, ALWAYS, major determining factors that are the real culprits, such as untended mental disorders, parental neglect and so forth. Censorship is NEVER the answer, in fact, it's a scapegoat for our inablity to solve much more complex problems that can create violence.



Dual-shock-spok said:

It's a video game people!!! Looks great! I'm not a big fighter fan, but my wife loves this series, I'll pick this up so her and I can practice these fatalities together before I take the fight online!! Lol. Any word on a release?



Gamer83 said:

Ah yes, the anti-violence crowd with the 'if this was real' argument. It's not real so the argument is pointless. Grow a pair people.



Gamer83 said:


2015 is all they've said for release. MK 9 was April 2011, Injustice, which is from the same team, was April 2013, I'd say April might be a possibility but I'm guessing late 2015 is more likely.



Deadstanley said:

Performing a fatality isn't about the violence, it's more about humiliating the opponent. It's a good stress relief after the tough matches. Not that I need the blood or violence, but lacking a finishing move option in a fighting game makes the experience of the match feel incomplete.

For those who argue that the violence is repulsive, I think the vast majority of gamers understand that this isn't real. It's graphic art portraying something that isn't really happening. It may be over the top, but that's because it can be.

Now, watch one of the Saw films. That's a little tougher to watch because it's a real person you're observing and while the violence isn't real, the mental gap has been bridged by observing the living subject receiving the fake pain.

Finally, take a real violent and gore filled execution that you know isn't staged by graphics, props, or effects. The vast majority of people can't handle that, and if you could it's just not right (unless you've been desensitized).

In a way I think the graphic violence and over the top nature of games and movies are actually beneficial to the human psyche. If anything it could act as a coping mechanism for some of the brutality that you do have to see around the world.



fchinaski said:

@Deadstanley Well put. It can also be argued to be beneficial in a sense that allows us to harmlessly tap into the violent side of our nature in a "escape valve" kind of way. Representations of violence can also arguably function as a stress realese regarding cold hard facts of nature such as our mortality and organic nature (we tend to prefer to forget that we're basically a sentient walking bag of bodily fluids, lol).



rastamadeus said:

Didn't think it was in the slightest bit gross and seen much worse things in other games and forms of media.



Mrskinner said:

Looks amazing, over the top violence, Mortal Kombat wouldn't be the same without it. People if you don't like it don't play it. As for the remark of being an unknown person on the internet invalidates your opinion, how rediculous.



ShootTheRunner said:

Wow. That escalated quickly from when I read this article a few hours ago! I'm rubbish at fighting games, but spending hours mastering the art of the finishing moves and having the satisfaction of it playing out in front of you is enough for me to get on the pre order as soon as a rease date is sorted... FINISH HIM!

P.s. Violence is great in video games. As long as it stays in a video game.



ThreadShadow said:

We are all responsible for the imagery we put into our brains. The cold hard fact is this: by beholding we become changed. It's an inescapable truth. Advertising companies spend big money on this truth. Why do I want to put this imagery in my brain, is a good question.
No one has the right to judge people, but everyone has the right to judge choices, desires, and actions, to what ever moral meter they know to be right. We're all capable of making bad choices and good choices. We shouldn't deceive ourselves into thinking that everything effects me positively and nothing can effect me negatively. In what world is that a reality?
No this isn't a real human being, but neither is this LooneyToons. I know there is worse and yes, I agree, the whole entertainment industry is pumping out disgusting content. Yet companies aren't responsible for the content of their products. They don't need to ask themselves, "does our product lift society higher or drop it lower into the sewer?", right?
I don't bare anyone here ill will, but I certainly wish us all, myself included, better/wiser choices in content.



SethPuddle said:

humans are so full of themselves, little do they know that they are simply a mass of chemicals coordinated by the will to live, in other words they are nothing special whatsoever. (thank you CF)
Society is the giant joke that people revolve around, to try to conform, a social need for acceptance, to become a unimportant part a "better society", i'm not going to stop enjoying something because of other people and their need to try to control others because they think they are superior. I'll decide what is violent enough for me, others will decide for themselves. no one needs to decide for us.



fchinaski said:

@ThreadShadow Look, I don't want to keep feeding this discussion, but I have to say one last thing.

I don't play games to achieve a higher level of consciousness or become a better human being, there are other things (real things you know) that help me with that in my REAL LIFE. (Helping others/ being a good husband, parent/ having a decent work ethic and values.)

I play games for FUN, and my idea of fun includes (but it's not limited to) pretending to be a digital ninja from hell that can cut imaginary adversaries in pieces. Or watching a real gory movie.

Stop acting like this is a sign that society is doomed. Or that we are becoming worse human beings BECAUSE of it.

As I said before, there is nothing wrong with it not being YOUR cup of tea, but certainly there is nothing wrong with it beign mine or anyone else's.



ThreadShadow said:

@fchinaski I disagree with you. I think people should have consistency throughout their life and activities. We go out and help people, but go home and derive joy from horrifically butchering digital people in games or watching it in a movie, or listen to violent music, and to me that doesn't seem to gel.

We all have the ability to sit back and think about what we are feeding our minds, how it's changing us, and re-evaluate our choices and desires. Why do I derive pleasure/fun from this type of content? Do I want the children in my life to derive fun from the concept of brutal violence and gore, etc.?

I'd like to point out that video games are an activity we engage in in "real life". They are part of real life.

No, I don't think I'll stop acting like it's a sign that society is doomed, because a society and where it is in it's life span can always be judged by it's entertainment.

See to me, the excuse "It's just a game." is as weak as the soldier who says "I was just following orders.".

I certainly don't mean to single you out. I'm not trying to make enemies or vilify anyone here because of their choices. Please understand that I'm not judging you, neither am I saying I'm better then you. I struggle with inconsistency in my life. But I will exercise my right to judge actions, desires, choices, and specifically in this case, products.



fchinaski said:

@ThreadShadow Fair enough. We obviously don't see eye to eye in this subject (which is perfectly fine BTW). I believe there's more to human nature than the consistency you talk about, and that violence will always be part of human psyche: the trick is learning how to deal with it — I personaly think violent entertainment is one of the most harmless way to do so. Inconsistency is part of life and human experience as well, it's up to us to trace the boundaries of it with our own moral compasses. But I think we both made perfectly clear to each other where we stand on this.

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