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Stripping Sim Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed Exposes Itself on PS4 This Fall

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hot in here

The heat remains utterly inescapable here in the UK, which means that plenty of skin and bad tattoos are on display. Of course, the poor Synthisters – the vampirish foes from stripping simulator Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed – have no choice but to remain covered up, as the sunlight is their one true rival in the world. It’s your job, then, to relieve them of their clothes – and subsequently, their Earthly lives.

And in addition to the already announced PlayStation 3 and Vita editions, you’ll now be able to undertake this ordinarily questionable task on the PlayStation 4. As expected, localisation legend XSEED has confirmed that it will be bringing the next-gen up-port out in North America later this year, shortly after the last-gen versions deploy in August. This enhanced edition includes interactive streaming features and upgraded visuals.

Which system will you be exposing the unusual outing to? Please keep yourselves covered up in the comments section below.


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odd69 said:

I just cannot be sold on this. Is this what the genral gaming public wants? A stripping sim/action game.



Cloud7794 said:

@odd69 No, which is why it's niche. That fact seems to be lost on many people. I personally won't be picking up this game at all, but I'm glad it's coming overseas: we need more variety on the market, regardless of how uncomfortable it may make some people feel. It looks funny though, and doesn't seem to really take itself too seriously (how could it?).

The general gaming public wants their new CoD, AC, BF, GTA, and Candy Crush and Flappy Bird to keep them occupied in the meantime. Catering just to the general public kills ingenuity and creative branching of ideas.



odd69 said:

i very much understand its niche, i love games that think outside the box and play them but not these. With games like conception, and this i still wonder what's next very much glad these types stay niche, and my original comment was pure grade A sarcasm. i agree though a good variety does a console great



Fire-and-Water said:

This makes Leisure Suit Larry look like The Last of Us. Beyond trashy. I remember all the sites who slammed Killer is Dead are now looking at this title with anticipation. If I ever bought this game it would be like paying for rape.

Seeing this title localized is kinda sad. Because it's not the best Japan can offer, and there are far more worthy titles that should be translated but aren't.



odd69 said:

Killer is Dead wasnt solely based on gigilo missions atleast. Why doesnt these developers make a sex sim and get it over with, cause honestly that is where its going








rastamadeus said:

@Fire-and-Water "If I ever bought this game it would be like paying for rape" - what a staggering comment. No wonders gamers are still considered mindless idiots by the media.



MadchesterManc said:

People so salty over a game they have no intention of buying or even playing. Stay classy Pushsquare.



NamelessAndi said:

"Buying this is like paying for rape"...... I bought Modern Warfare 2 does that mean I funded terrorism? I also bought GTA so I guess I funded organised crime, prostitution, car theft and countless other illegal activities



TNLGUY said:

Wow, this game isn't even half as inappropriate as, say, GTA which actually has sex in it as a feature. Akiba's Trip doesn't even have nudity, yet some of you in the comments are acting all sorts of appalled. Prudes, man. Even if there weren't significantly more inappropriate games on the market to compare AT to it wouldn't be half as atrocious as folks are making it out to be.



rastamadeus said:

@MadchesterManc You should see the PSN messages I've had today because I dared to criticise Best Game Ever Of All Eternity™ The Last Of Us on here. If the people were actually able to string a sentence together it would be offensive. My favourite is from xSanosuke who thought that by using his Japanese account he would be anonymous. Intelligence isn't a strong point for some.

That will do we don't need to go down that path please. -Tasuik-
^ just like to point out I was complaining about someone here who compared this game to paying for rape, yet it's my comment that is moderated and not the one who said it. If we're moderating things on here now it needs to be done properly. At the moment saying someone is an idiot for comparing a game to paying for rape is bad, yet comparing a game to rape is hunky dory.



Tasuki said:

Ok guys we dont need to be derailing this into a subject of rape. Which does not belong here. You all said your piece now let's move on. Anymore comparing a game to rape will have their comments edited and a warning. Consider this a warning.



odd69 said:

Just to be clear i know that its aimed at me so I just had to say im not salty about it or anything its just my opinion, im glad someone out there is enjoying this game if it does something good for someone then hey im all for it, but still why not just make a sex sim and port it to sony and xbox one, if you have games like this then why not, More variety the better right?

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