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Sorry, Freedom Wars Will Not Receive a Retail Release in Europe

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wait, what?

What’s worse than being sentenced to a lifetime in the slammer when your crime is merely being born? Well, being forced to buy the next PlayStation Vita blockbuster Freedom Wars from the PlayStation Store, of course. Sony has quietly announced on the PlayStation Blog that Japan Studio’s latest Monster Hunter-esque adventure will not score a physical edition on European shores, meaning that you’ll need to set aside some space on your overpriced memory stick.

“I appreciate that it’s not the answer that some of you want to hear, but I can confirm that Freedom Wars will be a digital-only release in SCEE [regions],” blog manager Fred Dutton told inquisitive fans via the platform holder’s primary communications channel. Fortunately, this disappointing tidbit will not be mirrored overseas, as associate project manager Nick Accordino has revealed that the title will deploy both physically and digitally in North America. Thank heavens for common sense.

While the manufacturer’s mind seems all but made up, we will stress that – incredibly – Gravity Rush was once billed as a digital exclusive in Europe, but the firm eventually caved to the pressure of rabid fans. So, while we don’t recommend turning up at the Japanese giant’s London offices with pitchforks in hand, you may want to apply a little pressure on the organisation if you really want to purchase its next big export in a box.


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Bliquid said:

Then i'm afraid it won't be mine.
I'm getting tired of filling-emptying my 16 Giga.
I'll wait for it whenever on Plus.
Oh, and Sony...
Vita is already down, why keep on kicking it in the guts?
Did it hurt your feelings that bad?



ReigningSemtex said:

Is the vita region free? I am still yet to get a vita and stories like this put people off not me I think there is enough games for it to justify a purchase but anyone on the ropes about getting one this sort of thing really is discouraging they should at least reduce the price of the memory sticks to fall in line with regular micro sd prices if they are going to pull this stunt



Punished_Boss_84 said:

This would be fine, if memory card prices weren't so outrageous. Actually it would be bearable, i prefer physical.

So once more broken ports and obscure exclusives (PS Vita Pets) get a physical release but Japan studio games are limited to digital only. If two games don't have a chance, Tainted Bloodines sure as hell don't. Sigh! Its moments like these I'd wished Sony would just put Vita out of its misery and these moments are becoming far too frequent.

Jeez that bodes well for Minecraft, it might get bundled. I can't do another digital release.



bbq_boy said:

Flipping heck Sony so much 'for the gamers'. We've supported the shites since ps4 launch and now they are forcing us down the 'fill up and buy a new memory card' road. At least bring the flipping vita memory prices down by 25%!! I've already filled up two 16gig cards and would love to get a 64gig one but not for £60 and upwards. I feel Microsoft are making positive moves after their drm/kinect debacle and keeping fans happy, whereas Sony are become an a$$. Come shusheida and boycey get your flipping acts together and get the fans back on your side before you lose more vita owners!!!



Heiki said:

No big deal, guys. Just import the US release. Don't forget that the Vita is region free.

Living in Brazil, importing has become a habit for me. Although this is starting to change, we don't get much attention from publishers here. And when we do, their prices go beyond reasonable.



Gemuarto said:

I wonder what are reasons for this decision.

I don't care, though. I stick with digital, because for me, paying for game is more like support for developers and game developemt as a whole than buying something to own =)



Gamer83 said:

For a handheld system, I actually think digital purchases are the most convenient way to go.... provided consumers are offered a memory card with a good amount of space available and at a reasonable price. Unfortunately Sony failed the Vita massively on those fronts.



Volmun said:

SIGH Well i hope we atlest get a Demo 1st... (unless you have sed it and i missed it) idk what im gana delete for the space....



rastamadeus said:

Can't say I'm surprised. It's Sony's last big Vita game and they know people want it so they can give it to shops where it will be undercharged like a lot of new Vita games are or it can charge full whack (maybe even more) on PSN like the greedy **** they are.



fchinaski said:

Well, that's disappointing. But judging by the way physical releases for the VITA collect dust on the shelves of the stores where I live, I can't say I'm surprised that even big releases are starting to go digital-only. With so many good digital-only titles going on sale periodically and with PS+ freebies on top of it, the only game I have physical for my VITA is Gravity Rush. There are plenty more I want to get physically, but I end up not buying them because there's always something else to play/buy on discount on the PSN store.



ZeD said:

This would be ok if the price was fair and as all Europeans know, this will not happen!



Jazzer94 said:

God ******* dammit Sony now I have import because I'm not upgrading my memory card just for this, luckily this isn't as bad as SMTIV as the Vita is region free but man what a way to kick loyal Vita supporters.



Ralizah said:

I wonder why they'd release a first-party game in digital only format? I understand niche Japanese third-party releases, but the biggest Vita release since Borderlands 2?



Cloud7794 said:

I'll be getting it digitally (though I know that - for the moment - it seems we have a choice in NA) because I share an account with my younger bro. Since we both have a Vita, ad-hoc works great with downloaded games bought once.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Sigh... I think the majority of Vita owners are being too complacent and accepting of the situation(s) at hand here.



john_c said:

Surely the cheap way to go is to buy one card depending on your budget 16gb or 32gb and then use a PC to store any further games until you are ready to play them,



danny2kd said:

Rather annoying that it may only be digital, call me old fashioned but I prefer physical copies and would rather buy from my local shop than have to import

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