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Sony Wants to Win Nintendo Wii Owners with the PlayStation 4

Posted by Sammy Barker

For all of the players

Sony has always been a pioneer in the video game space, but sometimes a lack of conviction has let its consoles down. In many ways, the PlayStation 2 was ahead of the casual gamer curve, with titles such as Buzz, SingStar, and EyeToy Play appealing to families in a way that traditional hardcore games hadn't. However, the extortionate PlayStation 3 forced it to all but surrender the formerly untapped market – and provide an opportunity for the Nintendo Wii to succeed.

These days, the PlayStation 4 doesn't have a big gameplay gimmick, but group president Andrew House is hoping that the system's overall intuitiveness and entertainment functionality will convince Nintendo Wii owners to upgrade to Sony's newest machine. “Our big opportunity is to welcome back an audience much earlier in the lifecycle that possibly bought into the Wii previously," he told at Develop 2014 in Brighton last week.

He continued: “Whether it's based on this is a really good all-round entertainment device for a family in addition to having great games, our consumer data suggests that some of those people are already coming in now, and that's what's contributing to the really great sales that we've had." There's no doubt that the PS4 has very much become the 'console to own' globally over the past six months, and the likes of LittleBigPlanet 3 and SingStar this Christmas should help it in the casual space.

House also believes that it's important to get newcomers up to speed with PS3 titles that they may have missed – an initiative that it's kickstarting with The Last of Us Remastered later this month. “I hesitate to say this because I know that committed gamers may roll their eyes about it, but there's an opportunity with some of the re-mastering from PS3 franchises that will potentially find an audience that hasn't played them in the previous generation," he beamed.

Ports of Beyond: Two Souls and God of War: Ascension are rumoured to be in production, while we wouldn't be surprised if titles such as Puppeteer made their way over, too. House was recently quoted as saying that the platform holder is now more open to revisiting old properties as well, so we remain hopeful that the likes of PaRappa the Rapper and Vib-Ribbon will stage a comeback over the coming years. Oh, and Crash Bandicoot. Obviously.

Given that the Wii was dominated by a different kind of demographic than we're used to, we think that it's going to be incredibly difficult for the Japanese giant to catch all of the consumers that it brought in – after all, pensioners aren't going to be heading out in their droves to pick up Sony's latest system. Children that perhaps grew up with Nintendo's machine may be more willing to convert, though, and so titles like LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham are going to be crucial to the company this Christmas.


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

Well Nintendo is having massive trouble with that for Wii U, so good luck Sony.

Oh and pick the right titles for remastering, i don't mind going back as long as there is something new in those respective franchises to look forward to as well.



adf86 said:

Bring back Crash absolutely (if it can be done) a game like Vib Ribbon where your own music can alter the level. Once MP3 support is in then that kind of game would be great. Imagine if Housemarque were the devs



tenderbeefcake said:

I didn't have a ps3. So I am excited to play some of the big hits that I missed out on. TLOU and God of War. Would also like to play the uncharted series.



Jazzer94 said:

Looking at the majority of exclusives I can't see this happening on the large scale.



get2sammyb said:

@Jazzer94 I don't think it's about exclusives, but well tailored software. Stuff like Skylanders, LEGO, etc can catch that audience, but I'd argue the system's too expensive for those — why not just buy a PS3 or 360?

You are right, though - titles like Mario Kart, Wii Fit, and Wii Sports really drove the adoption of the Wii on a massive scale.



SecondServing said:

When is Sony going to want to win over PS3 owners? lol

Been pretty disappointed with the games lineup. Sticking to my PS3 atm.



Jazzer94 said:

@get2sammyb See just like you said those games are available on every platform and the way the PS4 has been marketed so far doesn't scream buy me imo to Wii owners, this can obviously change later on just like the PS3 which definitely was not being marketed towards the younger audience at the start.

Some problems I have with the Eurogamer article.

"House said that in Europe 40 per cent of PS4 early adopters didn't already have a PlayStation Plus account. "That me was a good indication of whether they were new to this world," he added."

Complete guess work which he needs to go into much greater detail as plenty of PS3 owners did not have PS+.

"And anecdotally I've had people who were the Wii generation and who are back in the consideration set. It's certainly something I hear about."

This is irrelevant.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

So Watch Dogs was a system seller for PS4, do people really not understand the hint by now? I thought the PS4's success and Wii U's performance would have told you that by now.



JaxonH said:

I wish more people WOULD cross platforms. Too much exclusive brand loyalty these days. To the point people are losing out on fun games simply because they refuse to believe they can have fun with something else.

I hope Wii owners try PS4, I hope PS3 owners try Wii U. I hope everyone this generation buys at least two consoles, maybe even a handheld for good measure. There's way too many good games out there to be playing JUST one platform.



Ryno said:

@JaxonH: Or you can get 1 console, in my case a Wii U, play a few video games and enjoy doing other things in life besides spending most of playing video games.



JaxonH said:


Well sure you can, and many do, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not saying there's something wrong with you if you only own one console or only play games here and there. But likewise, there's nothing wrong with those of us who choose to spend the majority of our free time playing games- many of us are grown, as you are (in our late 20's and 30's) and don't go out partying or hanging with friends like we did in junior high. Many of us are settled down, work a job, and enjoy playing games whenever we have spare time.

I'm just saying that it is my hope that as many people as possible will diversify. I'm mostly referring to gaming enthusiasts. People who treat gaming as a hobby, spend a lot of time playing video games, and are always looking for the next great gaming experience. Although, you don't have to spend a lot of time playing games to own 2+ platforms. You can play here and there as you do, but still diversify and cherry pick across the spectrum. I own all 5 consoles/handhelds, yet probably spend less time gaming than many here do on 1 single console.



get2sammyb said:

@XFsWorld Not at all. I think there were two types of Wii owner: the type that was a hardcore Nintendo fan that wanted Zelda, Mario, etc; and the type that bought it for Wii Sports, Netflix, and maybe Just Dance. From what I can gather, it's the latter that Sony's trying to convert. As has already been pointed out, though, price is the big issue here.



rjejr said:

I like this article here better than Damo's take this morning. At least I no longer have to wonder why he doesnt like me.

I really dont see LBP3 as a "casual" game, not by any means. Casuals arent building 8 level long JRPG games. Singstar yeah, but not LBP. Of course LBP3 seems like it will also be on PS3 so a PS4 isnt necessary.

I think PS4 will naturally get some Wii owners. Most boys who's parent bought them a Wii when they were 8 or 9 will now want a PS4 since they're teenagers. The casuals are NOT upgrading from Wii to PS4, the only thing the casuals are hooking up to yheir tvd this gen is s Roku to binge eatch Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Nobody has time for real games, just Facebook apps.



ThreadShadow said:

If families just want to sing and dance then any system is probably a go, but for people who had a Wii and found all those quality family/multi-player titles, and I clarify here, the quality ones, they aren't going to find those on PS3/PS4, because Nintendo is the author of most of those titles. Wii U will be the only place to continue that...if only those people knew about the Wii U.

I believe Sony is capable, but they aren't there yet. LBP doesn't cut it imo, but it's close. They need to invest heavily in a first-party studio whose focus is quality multiplayer/family/all-ages-can-enjoy style games. A new first-party studio and a heavily overseen third-party project or two. And I emphasize quality titles, not carnival toss shovelware, but "all-ages-can-enjoy" titles that use new quality IP, or established IP in great ways, creating quality LOCAL multiplay experiences. The dev teams have to be behind the project too, they have to love the project and have a fire in their belly for it. Preferably ideas they came up with themselves rather then a boardroom of suits miles away looking at market figures.
Sony can do it, more so then MS imo.

MS has RARE, but RARE either isn't allowed or isn't completely interested in the "all-ages-can-enjoy" idea. And honestly I think MS isn't either, beyond the idea of multi-player shooters. That's why they've blocked and wasted RARE the way they have.



Demi_God said:

That's why Sony needs a couple of platformers. Knack won't cut it since it's missing the platforming part. Crash Bandicoot was a platformer, Sony just needs to get a couple of good platformers that will hold a steady series and they are good to go in that part of gaming.



Remixora said:

Dose any one know if God of War: Ascension is going to be a remake of all the games put together or is it just another game in the story line?
Sorry if i comment this here.



sinalefa said:

I agree with @SecondServing, if Sony cannot even have their PS3 audience to upgrade, how are they expecting to get the Wii players? They can buy a cheap PS3 and cheap games now instead of waiting for all of these remakes and remasters. And skip paying the mandatory online.



Demi_God said:

@sinalefa The fact that they have over 7 million already is groundbreaking no matter how you try to spin it. I am noticing a huge lack of patience from gamers at this point in time compared to before and it's getting worse. A lot of people had a PS3 that went to the PS4 and quite a few still have their PS3 systems so they are currently going back and forth.

I think for them targeting the Wii audience isn't going to go down well because the Wii audience would technically want more MOVE support. If it's for the case of casual quick pick-me-up type of games that's fine, but they need more MOVE support if they want that audience. In my opinion, they need to stop trying to think big, but understand that sometimes thinking smaller is actually thinking bigger. One step at a time. This means, if they are trying to get the Xbox 360 crowd over, that's great, but one thing at a time. Sony has a bad habbit of thinking big and then actually doing to much to the point where they can't even keep up. For example, they put bluray in their PS3 to support that of which they funded obviously, then they pushed for 1080p, but here's what happened, they pushed for 3D and that was a bit to much because people went out to buy a 1080p TV only to pretty much be told that if you have under 200mhz or whatever that you need to buy another brand new TV to support 3D... to much is just to much. Right now all Sony has to do is get some good patches for people to organize their OS and for Sony to conentrate on games, be it PS4, MOVE, VR. There is your successful point of concentration.



hYdeks said:

Sony has some things that interest the Nintendo fans (jrpgs, anime games etc.) but Nintendo fans basically see Microsoft and Sony's first party efforts as kind of laughable compared to Nintendo's.

It's Sony vs Microsoft, will always be that way, Nintendo is in a class of their own now-a-days.



feelthesarcasm said:

From what we've seen so far I don't see how it will work. The PS4 would have to get a lot more diverse for this to happen.

There would need to be platformers and more adventure games besides LBP, Lego and indies. Something that can make up for the lack of Mario, Zelda, Kirby.

While Sony has been expanding into the RPG market, they're usually the very niche titles like Artelier. Nintendo platforms haven't gotten a real final fantasy in awhile so they moved onto Dragon Quest and MMO's like Monster Hunter. The latest tales of game is PS3. The only big name coming as of right now is Kingdom Hearts

There's little to no casual games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Rune Factory. And PS Move isn't implemented nearly enough.

Personally, I have a 3DS and PS3 (I will be getting a PS4 by next year). I didn't really care for motion controls which is why I never got a wii but I'm more drawn to the games nintendo platforms get. I'm not very good at FPS or Action/Survival games. To me the Vita lineup would attract Wii owners more than the current PS4 one. I've been fighting the urge to double dip in the handheld department and get a Vita.



Ralizah said:

I'm happy for Sony's success with PS4 thus far, but I'm not really interested in a console that lacks Japanese support almost completely. Wii U is getting tons of great games, including a new RPG from Monolith Soft and an amazing looking new Fatal Frame. PS3 and Vita both have great Japanese support, especially with Persona 5 coming to PS3 next year. I would, ideally, like to buy something like PS4 that is a little more future proof, but if Persona 5 is skipping it, I don't know when, if ever, I'll be purchasing a PS4. Unless it gets a version of Persona 5 or The Last Guardian. And neither of those seem very likely to happen.

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