As we outlined in a recent article, E3 press conferences are becoming increasingly odd. While we still very much refer to them as ‘media briefings’, the live streamed nature of these events mean that we’re becoming increasingly less tolerant of, well, anything that’s not game footage. As a consequence, Sony has been berated over the past couple of weeks for spending, er, approximately five minutes talking about PlayStation Network television show Powers.

In fact, so negative has the feedback been for the pace puncturing segment that Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has now held his hands up and apologised for it. “We spent too much time talking about Powers,” he earnestly admitted in an interview with Game Reactor. “So we could have made [that] a bit shorter. So that was a mistake.” Honestly, we reckon that the Shawn Layden sequence that preceded it was worse, but there you go.

Sony, of course, is no stranger to these presentation lulls. A few years back it was slated for spending too much time on Wonderbook, while its neverending sales figures speeches are legendary – even if it does appear to have got the message in that department. What do you think that the platform holder should do to tighten up its annual presentations? Spout some dreary statistics about the share button in the comments section below.