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Rumour: The Unfinished Swan Feeling Its Way onto PS4 and Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Drawn to life

With most of Sony Santa Monica’s indie-inspired adventures already available on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, it’s only a matter of time before our 2012 Game of the Year winners The Unfinished Swan and Journey make the jump. Fascinatingly, the former may just be closer than you think, as Giant Sparrow’s beautiful first-person foray has been rated for release for each of the abovementioned systems in Korea.

While this isn’t official confirmation of a cross-platform port, it’s uncommon for a publisher to go to the trouble of getting their content classified if it’s not actually in the pipeline. In fact, there were rumours regarding a next-gen edition of the 10/10 affair right around the next-gen console’s launch last year.

We really adored the mostly monochromatic outing when it deployed a couple of Octobers ago, describing it as “a confident, creative tour-de-force”. We were also pretty big fans of its soundtrack, penning this enormous feature with composer Joel Corelitz. In fact, do click on that link – we seem to remember approximately six people reading it when it was originally published.


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

Why Sony? Why aren't you making me no new exclusives? *Shakes fist. Okay I done it for you all.

Topic: Okay they may need to simmer down on the ports, its not helping with my perception. I'm all for reimaginings, tho.



get2sammyb said:

@Punished_Boss I imagine this will be free if you already own it on PS3 — this is likely to be more a case of belated cross-buy to be honest. That's how Flower/Sound Shapes were handled anyway.



adf86 said:

To be fair, those that want Sony to stop with rereleases, it usually refers to their AAA games, I think it's a bit different whe it comes to their digital exclusives which you can only get on PSN.



rjejr said:

I'ld completely forgotten about Unfinished Swan. Really enjoyed the demo and it went onto my "I'll get it w/ PS+ or when it's on sale" list. Journey has been everywhere, Flower has been everywhere, No Man's Sky IS everywhere these days, but US seemed to just come and go. Does PSN have a "Wishlist" like Steam and eShop? My backlog is just way too big to pick this up for $15. I bought Ni No Kuni on sale for $11 and it's since been on sale for $10 and even $5 and I haven't even started it yet.



DRL said:

It's so weird that you're posting this, @get2sammyb. Two days ago, as I was browsing PSN on Vita, I realized that I never did get around to playing The Unfinished Swan and then wondered why Sony didn't bring it over to Vita. Since my PS3 is kind of pushed aside right now, a portable release would definitely be the reason I'd give this a download. Seriously hoping this happens!



3Above said:

I seriously hope this come true. Iv been wanting to play this with Move but I missed it when It was $3.75 for Plus members. Getting a 3 way crossbuy woukd be sweet. I just hope its well suited for Vita.. I just dont want it to be like Flower where the Vita version ( while still a very good port ) is easily the worst of the 3 versions of the game.



gbanas92 said:

OMG YES. I'm not crazy about flooding the console with ports, but this was my favorite game of last generation, so I'm all in! (if it's true that is)




@Enobmah_Shards believe it or not quite a few of us bought PS4's to play PS4 games not rehashes. If you want to play old PS3 games then buy a PS3. The amount of rehashes on the PS4 is becoming an issue for many customers.

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