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Rumour: Is Teen Horror Until Dawn About to Strip Down on PS4?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony revives PlayStation Move fear fest

Horror games may be dime a dozen right now, but Supermassive Games’ ex-PlayStation 3 exclusive Until Dawn never sounded like your average scare-‘em-up. Taking inspiration from teen movies, the title promised a somewhat frisky affair, where you’d need to use the PlayStation Move controller to remove clothes – and escape from mutilated monsters.

While we haven’t heard anything about the release for years now, the developer insists that the title is still very much in production, prompting speculation that it’s being repurposed for the PlayStation 4 and its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. And we could be mere weeks away from a re-reveal, as publisher Sony has filed a new trademark for the title.

DualShockers reports that the old listing from 2012 has been abandoned, and replaced by a new one which references “downloadable images in the field of adventure and horror entertainment”. That leads us to believe that the title will now launch as a PlayStation Network exclusive, but given the nature of the industry these days, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s been an alteration in the project’s ambition.

Giving the timing of this application, we reckon that the release will probably re-appear at GamesCom next month. We’re eager to see how it’s progressed, because we still reckon that its 'teens in the woods' concept is intriguing. Are you in the market for a little slasher silliness? Get kinky in the comments section below.


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Gemuarto said:

@get2sammyb I was like joking, bro =). But I wonder how scary this will be in Morpheus, considering that some people are scared by stupid interactive rollercoaster demo with Oculus Rift.



Gemuarto said:

Also, that girl on screenshot strangely resembles Tidus from Final Fantasy X =).



Paranoimia said:

Hmm. I was looking forward to this, but if Morpheus is a requirement, I doubt I'll ever get to play it.



Gemuarto said:

@get2sammyb Apologies accepted, Sammy-sensei =). They need to make support for Outlast also. That can be really mad =). I was scared to death even playing it on Vita through remote play =).



Gamer83 said:

For selfish reasons, I'd hope it's not Morpheus exclusive, at the same time, to sell a product, you do need exclusives and a company like Sony isn't going to do something dumb as hell like splinter the fanbase and use Uncharted or God of War to sell the peripheral, so this could be a good candidate.

Side note: Last trailer I saw for the game, the voice acting seemed suitably horrid for the type of 'B' movie feel they're going for. Even if I weren't able to play it if it were to be Morpheus exclusive I'd still hope somebody could put all the cutscenes together and post it to youtube.



Splat said:

This game is like Bigfoot. You always hear about it but you never actually see it.



Gmork___ said:

I'm happy for any horror/survival games that come along but what id die for is a new photorealistic fatal frame and a port of the forest both for ps4. I'm telling you if I found out these things were happening I'd explode and all the pieces would turn into spiders and kittens and scamper away.

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