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PS4 Spin-Off inFAMOUS: First Light Fetches European Retail Release

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pink power

inFAMOUS: First Light’s pink haired protagonist Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker will light up store shelves in September, as Sony has confirmed that Sucker Punch’s standalone expansion pack will be receiving a retail release. The Blu-ray version will zap European outlets on 10th September, which is a couple of weeks later than its previously announced 27th August digital deploy date.

It’s unclear whether the packaged version will come with any bonus paraphernalia, but we’d certainly take a poster of that brilliant box art. Do you intend to wait for the physical iteration of this superhero escapade, or will you be taking flight early courtesy of the PlayStation Store? Run at the speed of sound in the comments section below.


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Dohv said:

That's so unfair for us Americans. First we didn't get the bundle and now we don't get this. I can see if it was a European made game but nope it's made in Seattle. We didn't get TLOU bundle either. I hate digital so I would love to have this.



adf86 said:

@Dohv Maybe it may get announced soon, this was only from Playstation EU after all, if not DEMAND IT mate, look what happened with Freedom Wars over here.



Dohv said:

@adf86 I doubt it gets announced for US. But oh well I'll still be getting it, I just really hate buying digital games.



adf86 said:

@Dohv Like I say, get on social networks to playstation & sucker punch & demand it, you never won't be the only one.



Dodoo said:

@Dohv - That's a shame dude. If you want me to send you over a copy let me know and I'll post one to you! (not sure if EU game will work in the US though?)



imtom2002 said:

Any word on the length of this? Gotta be a few hours if they are doing a physical release, hopefully longer than ground zeroes anyways! Really liked fetch as a character and infamous was a really good game could of just done with a few more distractions to keep us playing longer. Looking forward to this.



3Above said:

Given that we have to install every game anyway iv been getting over physical discs except if there is somthing special in a boxed release. Add on the cost to import and the extra shipping time and Digital starts to be a viable option.



Dannyboy1996 said:

I thought it was a small dlc but I'm guessing it's a full on campaign. Looking forward to this,second son was great and even though I platinumed the game I can back into infamous for more fun!



Gamer83 said:

Already pre-ordered on PSN so I wouldn't be getting a physical copy even if it came to NA. Usually I prefer physical copies of games over digital but I'm such a huge inFamous fan that as soon as Sony made it available for pre-purchase on PSN, I spent the $15. Eagerly awaiting the release of this game.



Dannyboy1996 said:

I was going to pre order first light from amazon but it's £55 whereas on the ps store it's £12 so I'm gonna stick to digital version



artemisthemp said:

I hope Sony will announce if, Infamous First Light retail will be getting the Bonus stuff for Fetch



BL_Donth said:

I was just thinking of pre-ordering the digital copy of the game on psn. I'll wait a bit longer to see if the retail version will get released here. Physical over digital any day, especially when the box art is so pretty.

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