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PS4 Port The Last of Us Remastered Is Agonisingly Close to Completion

Posted by Sammy Barker

Endure and survive

PlayStation 4 port The Last of Us Remastered has sort of crept up on us like Joel and Ellie in a Firefly stronghold. The game – which was announced earlier in the year after numerous leaks – is due out at the end of the month, and judging by a Tweet posted by lead programmer Jason Gregory, it’s very nearly complete.

“Great work, Naughty Dog,” he publicly beamed. “Gold release candidate for The Last of Us Remastered is in final format quality assurance. Now we wait...” Assuming that the title passes all of the platform holder’s tests, it’ll then be sent for manufacturing, before being delivered to stores around the globe.

The first-party Californian company has been tweeting about the game a lot these past few weeks, particularly its framerate, which it’s gone the extra mile to lock at 60 frames-per-second. Are you looking forward to revisiting post-apocalyptic North America? Click, click, boom in the comments section below.


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McSterls said:

Yeah, I'm going back. Hate to pay full price again, but I never went back and played the dlc last time. Best game ever it's worth the 50 bucks.



Rapidaz said:

Already played it ,it's totally brilliant! it's worth buying again . Just wish sega would remake shenmue , shenmue 2 then my life would be complete . Dont think is gonna happen



divinelite said:

I havent played this on ps3. After abomination that is transformer and somehow not quite the hype watchdog i really need a great experience on ps4 game so i can believe in future of ps4..



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

I could care less for the Ellie stuff but as a whole the experience was by far the best of 2013.
I didnt enjoy the Ellie only bits.
And the multiplayer was tense and rewarding, always felt balanced to me, so the mp dlc Im psyched for.



Davros79 said:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya Yeah good point about the MP, criminally underated. It was perfecly balanced, and very enjoyable. Alot of people dismiss the MP component in the TLOU. Which is a shame, because It's very,very good....



JohnKarnes said:

This would have been a day one for me but! I don't feel they did much to improve it. IGN has a side by side video of game play. I have to say the improvements are slight. Only if you never played it on PS3 should you opt for this title. I hate that they didn't do more to make it shine on the PS4 I really wanted to have more reason to purchase it.



Jon1997 said:

I will definitely revisit this....just one problem.... when does it come out in Europe?? I've seen August 1st August 3rd.... july 29th..... can anyone clue me in as to when it is out in Europe??????



Jazzer94 said:

This is great for 360 people who migrated to PS4 but I just can't get hyped for it and have no interest to playthrough the game myself again though I'm sure my friend will pick this up and I'll try it to see the improvements.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

@Davros79 The meta game was so so but the actual gameplay was tops. Everyone always started on even footing. I could play game after game and it always felt new, different players, allies and enemies both using "parts" differently!



N711 said:

@JohnKarnes Apparently the big change is the 60FPS from ND devs mouths. I ll wait and get it when its cheaper though. Also IMO the characters graphics were already amazing in the PS3 version and I expect more improvement from the details, for example I cant wait to see the Woods chapter early in the game



Dual-shock-spok said:

This is simply a collectors piece! The last game I purchased twice was ME2! I bought it for 360, then I purchased the ps3 version when it released later. I don't mind buying a game twice if it's truly worth it,and this is!!



Komski said:

i cant wait to relive the epic story in its full glory !, day one purchase for me . I wont be playing it day one though, thats if the destiny beta is still going anyways !!!



charlesnarles said:

@JohnKarnes @Davros79 @ToOGoodOfAPlaya hopefully the extra ram will really make all the textures-in-motion and framerate really easy on the eyes. I got the Season Pass already, so I'm not 100% sold on it for more than a $20 upgrade, even though I liked it a reasonable amount in totality. Tough sell!



mitcHELLspawn said:

Picked this up day one on my pay and played it nonstop until I beat it. Absolutely loved the game play and story of this game.. will definitely be picking it up to revisit on the ps4. . Also I didn't play the story dlc so that should be fun !



Chouzetsu said:

I missed out on this game when it released on PS3. Definitely getting this at some point or another



SecondServing said:

I'll be picking up this "remaster" when it's in the bargain bin.

You can't fool me Sony, paying $50 for the same game I played last year. Great game, terrible deal. They still should've offered a discount to those who bought the DLC and game(like myself).

But, for those who haven't played TLoU, this is a great game! Buy it!



tenderbeefcake said:

I was on xbox last gen so I missed out. I cant wait to play this. A friend told me it was very very good. I love a good single player experience and TLoU looks like one of the best there is.

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