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PS4 Firmware Update 1.74 Improves Your System's Stability Right Now

Posted by Sammy Barker


Well, this wasn’t the kind of firmware update that we had in mind yesterday when Sony teased that some brand new system software was right around the corner. As of this morning, the platform holder has launched a new patch numbered v1.74, which – perhaps a little embarrassingly – improves nothing other than system software stability.

To be fair, it’s only a 194MB file which takes a few minutes to download and install in standby mode, but with early adopters eager for something a little meatier to sink their teeth into, the firm probably picked the wrong time to deploy this incremental upgrade. Oh well, the wait for something more substantial goes on, we suppose.

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Scollurio said:

Bummer. But hey, Im not dependant on any of the expected and thought-after updates so I enjoy what is there and go on with my life!



mikey85 said:

Why people get so worked up about updates?. You buy a games console to play games. My only problem with ps4 however is the lack of decent games to play but that will change with time.who cares about features really just get on killzone n blast some higs!!



rastamadeus said:

This isn't the update teased I don't think. If it is Sony just need to keep their mouths shut next time.



Munkyknuts said:

Doesn't seem like an update worthy of being teased and announced by Sony. Surely there must be a more substantial one coming as well. I'm not dying for lack of any features in particular but times ticking on and some features announced at launch are still lacking while Xbox gets what seem to be substantial updates each month.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Well to be fair, they never hyped it up like TLOU Remastered. All they said was it's coming soon, it's your hunger for new features, which is the problem.



Demi_God said:

I don't think this was the update they were actually talking about guys.



Carl-G said:

Still got these minor problems of -

  • A few times when i wanted to save a Video of my Gameplay i hit the Share button and there is no Square button to save my Gameplay
    (after the update it still happens now and then) :-/
  • sometimes when i put in a game disc in the PS4 the screen goes to the game i played last
    (again after the update it still happens now and then)
    Oh well maybe next update it will be fixed(hmm, i said that before the last update and the update before that to and...)


coolcrushkilla said:

I just want some damn Bluetooth headset support so I can enjoy online play! I don't need any fancy new features just simple Bluetooth headset support! I cant stand those big ass DJ headsets and that seems to be all Sony offers now! They all remind me of that Douche from Jersey Shore



tom189 said:

yeah its clearly not the update they were teasing. it's indeed bad timing but the only other answer would have been to put off this update and add the stability updates to the next "big" one. that would have been a bad move on Sony's part though IMO cause if theres problems with stability then they really need to push out fixes for it as soon as they possibly can. its better for everyone that way, although slightly annoying for all of us right now



Dual-shock-spok said:

Just make the ps4 able to do everything the ps4 did, plus the promised ps4 features (suspend/resume, etc) and everyone will be happy! Also YouTube share functionality would be epic!! YouTube uploads at the touch of a button!! That is all.



coolcrushkilla said:


I agree! Its been almost a year. They need to get there act together. Yes its hard to write all that program and make everything work well, but it should not be that tough for a billion dollar company who could but in the time and $$$ if they really wanted to bang it out. Just get it done and no one will care when the next update is because they will have everything they wanted that you already promised.



thedevilsjester said:

@mikey85 Its entitlement. No one cared about firmware updates until the PS3/360 era. What you bought was what you got, and there was no real complaint about that. Don't get me wrong, I love firmware updates, I love progress, but if Sony never gave another update, I would not even notice. I didn't buy my console for potential (hoped for) future functionality.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

To be honest, I dont generally worry about the updates. If its released then fine, as long as my games work Im not fussed.

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