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Not Excited for Destiny's PS4 Beta? This Trailer May Change Your Mind

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Get hype

There's nothing quite like raising your hype levels on a sunny summer afternoon. Destiny's beta opens its doors to the public in just ten days, and to get you in the mood, developer Bungie has released this bass-blasting trailer.

If you enjoyed the game's alpha, you'll probably be eagerly awaiting this next glimpse of Activision's latest blockbuster, but for those among you who still aren't convinced, we daresay that this nicely produced video may just be enough to make you sit up and take notice. The beta itself will become available to all those that have pre-ordered the title from participating retailers. We'll certainly be taking part, but will you? Tell us how you plan on spending your limited time with the release in the comments section below.

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Swiket said:

Ehhhhhhh I haven't made the jump to PS4 yet, so I'll wait to see if it's worth paying $60 for the inferior PS3 version.



ivanmata said:

My beta access is already reserved : D, waiting for that download code from Bungie : D



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Don't even needed to watch the trailer to be hyped about the beta! Loved the alpha, so: bring it on!



JaxonH said:

Does anyone want a Beta code for Destiny?

I pre ordered after reading on Bungie's website that only SOME features will require active online subscriptions> which means PS+ won't be required for single player (despite being online only- the website says what it says).

They sent me a code but you DO need PS+/Live Gold to access the Beta. So if anyone wants it, just let me know.



Savino said:

Summer? I am freezing here in Brazil! My city is reaching 20°C!!!



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@SimonAdebisi Well, I preordered the game anyway. Wanted to have the shirt Gamestop Germany gives away for the preorder. Thus I'm in the beta and will naturally play it. Pretty hyped for the game by now, so I'm glad I'll have some more Destiny before the official release of the game.



Paranoimia said:

I'm currently marveling at the sheer greed of GAME, adding almost 50% to the US price of the Ghost Edition.

Presumably the US price of $150 is the MSRP, which excludes tax but includes a worthwhile retailer profit margin. $150 is roughly £87. Add VAT to that and you get a little over £104. So £105 to £110 might be a reasonable price. But GAME are charging £150. So they're asking for almost 50% more in pure profit.

Personally, I never intended getting anything other than the basic game anyway, so this doesn't affect me, and therefore maybe I should just shut up. But this kind of blatant price gouging really p*sses me off.

It's like they forgot why they went bankrupt in the first place. Or maybe getting bailed out has made them arrogant.



charlesnarles said:

"Rated T for teen" ...........
No offense, but it's gonna turn a lot of folks off to this game to have an literally immature story and characters. Not that you have to swear and show digital boob, but the tone seems so happy-go-lucky to me.
Beta opens on my b-day, tho! Might have to preorder just for that coincidence



ReigningSemtex said:

When does beta start, I had fun with the alpha but didn't get as much time with it as I wanted. Seems like a good game



Gamer83 said:

I'm already stupidly hyped for this game, these trailers just make it harder to wait.



JaxonH said:


Posted the info for you via a reply so it should have gone to your inbox. I then deleted the post so no one would take it before you can use it.



JaxonH said:


Sounds like you've allowed yourself to become desensitized. I'd play Hello Kitty or Barbie Dreamhouse if the game was fun, know what I mean? I'm in it for the entertainment of the interactive experience. And any type of game can achieve that.



charlesnarles said:

@JaxonH oh, I agree whole-heartedly. I just assumed this game in particular was being marketed to the Halo folks, who in my experience are more mature (even if they were teenage) and into the darker undertones of that series. I'm absolutely desensitized after Silent Hill etc., but that shouldn't be held against me I get that they want a wider target market but apparently it's alienating me

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