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Japan Finally Has a Cool Custom PS4 Console to Look Forward To

Posted by Sammy Barker

Thank the Traveller

Credit must go to Sony’s industrious Japanese arm for at least attempting to boost the region’s abysmal PlayStation 4 sales with some custom console designs – it’s just a shame that it’s been producing some real abominations of late. After the horror of the Frozen and The Last of Us bundles, we expected the worst when we read that Destiny – which will be exclusive to PlayStation platforms in the East – would be getting a tailored next-gen hardware bundle, too, but this is fortunately the best of the lot.

An adapted iteration of the Glacier White model that’s set to release in the West this September, the console comes with a unique hard drive face plate, sporting the logo of Bungie’s impending first-person shooter in gun metal grey. Alright, it’s not the most imaginitive design ever, but at least this one doesn’t make us want to puke. The platform will retail for ¥46,980 ($463/£271) when it deploys later this year, and comes with a copy of the game.

Would you take this system with you on your intergalactic travels, or dump it in Old Russia? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Demi_God said:

Sony better be coming out with these in the USA and stuff. Japan always gets the cool looking systems even though the support there currently sucks for everything console. WTH Sony



SecondServing said:


Rage aside, I would absolutely LOVE one like this, but black...awww yeeeaaaa



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

The box art would be better, moon at top, landscape at the bottom and destiny + logo sitting in the atmosphere, drop the 3 dudes of course, would look amazing imo.



JaxonH said:

Not feelin it. These "special editions" just come off as totally commercialized.

I think it's the lettering. Any time you have to spell out the name of the game on the console, it's like saying "Look! Over here! See! I'm a DESTINY console!" It's too much advertising. Limited editions shouldn't need to spell everthing out. We're gamers. We KNOW what the Destiny logo is. So make a console with just the logo in some cool artistic design or something.

I feel like they do this because people will want anyone who walks in their living room to see it and know what it is. When I buy a limited edition, I want people to ask what it means. I want people to wonder what the logo is. I take pride in the niche hobby of gaming. I know what the logo means, and that's all that matters. Because I'm the one buying it. But all these limited editions I've seen so far, they spell everything out for people to read> DESTINY, or THE LAST OF US, or FINAL FANTASY IV, or METAL GEAR SOLID V... I hate that. I don't need everyone who walks in to know it's a Destiny console.

It's like driving a nice car with a 2 foot bumper sticker that says "HEY, LOOK AT ME- I'M A FERRARI".

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