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Hurrah, Vita JRPG Freedom Wars Will Be Getting a Full Physical Release in Europe

Posted by Kell Andersen

For the players

In the words of William Wallace: "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our Freedom Wars physical copies!" Indeed, after a few weeks of petitioning, Sony has finally decided that PlayStation Vita JRPG Freedom Wars will be getting a full retail release in Europe. The title was unpopularly planned to be a digital only title, so this new boxed version will likely make fans quite chuffed.

"You’ve let us know here on the PlayStation Blog, on forums, and on social media that you really wanted to see a full title card release for the game," SCEE blog manager Fred Dutton stated. "And we’ve been listening. Duly, today I’m happy to confirm that Freedom Wars will now be made available as a full physical edition."

This attitude of consistently listening to fan feedback, and then making the relevant and appropriate changes is without a doubt our favourite policy that the Japanese giant has adopted in recent years. And this news is just another example of how this strategy goes a long way in currying favour with gamers.

Are you excited to pick up the physical release of Freedom Wars for the Vita? Were you one of the people begging Sony to release the game properly? Fight for your freedom in the comments section below.


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adf86 said:

Making Tainted Bloodlines a download only was fine by me but because Freedom Wars was a full on Sony exclusive, it needed to have a physical release so I'm glad it's now happening




That's a start... Now if SCEE can do something about the mad delays in Europe, the insane price difference with other regions, the poor customer service, inept staff, rip off sales and games like CS:GO that just disappear for no reason then they might be in danger of looking professional.



Boerewors said:

Great how gamers react to this news, saw it on more than one occasion: "yay! Finally! Hope we're getting the collectors edition".
Haha, cracks me up every time... There is simply no way to really please a gamer for longer than 5 minutes



MadchesterManc said:

I was always taught as a child that throwing tantrums & whining wouldn't get me what I wanted, guess it doesn't apply when you become an adult



Bliquid said:

Clearly this is thanks to my threatening post of not buying anymore Vita games if they are digital only!

EDIT: games like this, which are "AAA" storage space eaters, ofc.
I'm really glad, the last trailers i saw of FW rocketed my hype, but i was gonna wallet-vote on this.



Lhoms said:

@MadchesterManc It's the wave of the future. The internet and social media has given a soapbox and a megaphone to a generation of self-entitled, pretentious, crybabies who think everybody owes them something.

"Whine and you shall receive".

Of course, SCEE are still at the mercy of retailers across Europe who are increasingly reluctant to stock Vita software - particularly niche Japanese titles whose target audience are probably importing the game anyway. But every good net-rage needs a scapegoat...



rastamadeus said:

Lets hope the people who said they'd buy it actually do. Sadly the few times companies change their minds (like the three Wii games a few years ago) the companies are eventually proved right as nowhere near the amount of people who cried "I WANT IT!" actually buy it.

@voodoo341 Don't be daft. As if Sony Europe would ever want to look like they know what they're doing or actually give a damn.



bbq_boy said:

This move is truly 'for the gamers'!! Nice, I'll probably buy it cos it's a physical version in first few weeks instead of my usual wait for digital price-drops or psn sales.



rastamadeus said:

@bbq_boy So 'for the gamers' they made us petition to get it? They were happy knowing they could charge whatever they wanted 'for the bank account' until we complained.



JaxonH said:

Congratulations to all the Euro gamers on this site. I'm happy for you! We all deserved this game as a physical release. And now we all will have one.



moomoo said:

Huh. I honestly didn't expect that. Good for you, European Vita owners!

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