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How Do You Get in the Destiny Beta on PS4? You Don't Need a Pre-Order Anymore

Posted by Sammy Barker

Everyone's invited

Even if you haven’t spent the past week or so playing the Destiny beta, there’s a good chance that you’re probably a little sick of hearing about it. That’s because we’ve been overloading you with diaries, images, and stories from the frontline for the past seven days – and there are still plenty more to come. Still, if you’re eager to see if our excitement is justified, developer Bungie has opened the beta up to everyone overnight.

Previously, you needed a valid pre-order in order to take part in the studio’s demo cross stress test, but now you can simply download the client from the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. “The beta has been eye-opening so far,” said community manager David 'Deej' Dague on “We've watched the world of Destiny come to life. We have watched your adventures with great interest, and listened to your feedback.”

Where is the Destiny beta on the PlayStation Store?

He continued: “Your missions have provided us with volumes of discoveries that we can use to prepare for the launch of Destiny in September. Our work is not done. There is more that we can learn. To make this happen, we need more Guardians to play. This is, above all else, a test.” The beta’s set to conclude sometime over the weekend, so if you want to take part, you’re going to want to set that 13GB download running pretty soon.

Will you be brushing aside your scepticism and giving this a go over the next couple of days? Scavenge for some uncommon loot in the comments section below.


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Mrskinner said:

I know it is a Beta but i really hope some of the repetition I have encountered is sorted out. Before I am shot down, BETA, 1 Map etc etc I understand it is a taster, but run here, kill enemies, run there, collect this. Becomes very repetitive.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@McSterls I had no trouble purchasing it but we'll see if it causes any problems when downloads start this afternoon. I'd download now but it's sillily not hooked up.



Dual-shock-spok said:

I'll try this on Xboxone now, since it's open. Still gonna get it for ps4. Just wanna see any differences if any.



Davros79 said:

@Mrskinner your concerns are actually very valid. If in the full game when we get to explore moon,mars,venus etc . It remains the same mopping up groups of enemies to grab a loot chest or take down a wizard. Then i will be very dissapointed.

The game is still very good at what it does, but.......Goin by the beta the game seriously lacks gameplay variation



odd69 said:

i've been playing it, its fun and really responsive.I died alot just trying to level up cause im getting my ass handed to me. took ALL night to install .

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