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Have a Peek at Dragon Age: Inquisition's 16 Minute Private E3 Gameplay Demo

Posted by Robert Ramsey

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Upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition had a rather tame showing at EA's E3 press conference last month. Alongside cringe inducing dialogue from the on-stage GM Aaryn Flynn, the game didn't get the big gameplay blowout that many expected, probably due to the publisher's strict time table.

Thankfully, the Canadian studio has released the footage from a live demo that was shown behind closed doors at the Los Angeles event. The video's taken from an Xbox One, but it covers everything from open world exploration to both action and tactical combat, and boasts the entire dragon fight that was hinted at during the presser. Is the next-gen sequel firmly marked on your map, or are you uninterested? Take a look at the demo and become an Inquisitor in the comments section below.

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KnightOfNothing said:

Wow...that was one tough bear. he got hit with all sorts of magic, and still tried to kick some arse XD



Splat said:

The combat looks better then Origins which is a good thing. I loved the story and character interaction in Origins but the combat got boring fast.



ShogunRok said:

Yeah I thought this was a very good look at the game. Seems like a very solid return to form and now I just hope that the characters and story turn out to be great.



kupoid said:

Looks good! Ok...FINE. I'll slog my way through DA2.

But still....never gonna be good enough to make me buy a new copy. EA still owes me $60 for BF4.

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