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Failing to Consider The Last of Us 2 Would Be a Disservice to Fans

Posted by Sammy Barker

Naughty Dog exploring ideas for a sequel

The Last of Us is one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives of all time, with sales of the PlayStation 3 version currently sitting at seven million units. The next-gen re-release – due out next week – is likely to bump those numbers up considerably, putting the property on par with first-party juggernauts like Gran Turismo and God of War. There has to be a sequel in the pipeline, then, right?

“It really comes down to: is there something interesting in this universe that we've created that we want to continue to explore?” pondered a rhetorical community strategist Arne Meyer. “Is it something that we can get the entire team passionate about? Is it something that we can get the creative directors excited about? Then we could continue it.”

Speaking with VideoGamer, the Naughty Dog employee continued that the company is currently considering the path that a sequel would take, and that it would be a “disservice” to fans if it didn’t at least take matters that far. “We're just starting to explore ideas of what more could there be in this universe and starting that decision process,” he said. “That doesn't mean that the end result is guaranteed.”

The award winning Californian outfit currently has one other project in early pre-production in addition to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, with creative director Neil Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley working on Nathan Drake’s impending next-gen affair. We reckon that a follow-up would probably need to focus on new characters, though an older Ellie could also work.


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Splat said:

I'm about as big a fan of The Last of Us you are going to find and even I'm not sure I want another one. I just think it would be very hard to match the first in-terms of story,emotion,characters ect.



z-cba said:

@Splat Agreed. The Last of Us was a great game, one of my all-time favorites, (and I'm an old guy), but some games are just masterpieces and should be left alone. This is one of those games.



Scollurio said:

I agree with my forespeakers, even though, probably, the setting itself is fair ground to bear fruitition to another installment. Like... what is 50 years later. What happens. But yes, it will be indefinitely hard to match the chemistry of Joel and Ellie or even surpass it!



KelticDevil said:

Personally, I thought The Last Of Us was slightly overrated (meaning I would give it an 8 as opposed to all the perfect scores it got), but I still liked it. I just don't think it needs a sequel regardless. Sony is probably all ovet Naughty Dog to make one since it would sell like hot cakes. Glad to hear that ND isn't just going to shlep out some sequel just to make $. I would like to see another new IP from them.



get2sammyb said:

I really do believe them when they say they won't do it if they can't come up with an idea that the team believes in. The thing is, like others have mentioned, the world is ripe for lots of interesting tales.



imtom2002 said:

I would like to see what happened in the years after the prologue (no spoilers for any that havent played yet.) But joel and tommys relationship could be quite interesting and how joel became the survivor he is when we meet him. I wouldnt like them to just make a game for the sake of it though.



imtom2002 said:

@SimonAdebisi considering how well left behind portrayed ellie in a new light I think a sort of prequel showing how joel came to terms with the world he was in and his relationship with his brother might work. Also it would keep the buddy mechanic of a partner and they could give more time to other characters people wanted to see more of like bill or tess while still working in new ones. They would be able to use the new mechanics from left behind aswel like the hunters and infected fighting each other as the world was falling apart and there were still alot of people around.



Gamer83 said:


Agreed. I'm actually a huge fan of TLoU, and while a sequel could be cool, I've always believed ND's best work is when it's something new. I think for the game after Uncharted 4, I'd prefer a new IP, but if it's going to return to an older one, a new Jak & Daxter would be welcome.



KelticDevil said:


A new Jak & Daxter would work too. I just don't want to see such a talented studio held down to just 2 IP's. Uncharted is the type of franchise that can have sequels. The Last Of Us is the type of game that thrives on the emotional connection the chatacters have with each & with the player & should only get a sequel if that is the case again. In other words, they shouldn't force it.



sinalefa said:

I would rather see single player DLC for the game we have now. I am also very interested in hearing about the new IP they are said to be working on.



Demi_God said:

@get2sammyb I agree. At the same time though, they still have to at least have characters that either match or surpass Ellie and Joel. I don't think it's that hard for them to do, but if they have a story that is better suited for a whole new game, The Last of Us could just be one game without anything in the future. Just one of those games that was awesome and they leave it that way. who knows though, if anyone can top TLoU characters, it would be ND of course.



larry_koopa said:

I think they should leave this masterpiece alone after Remastered is released.

Do I think they're actually going to do that? No, honestly I don't. Games are just like movies and books in this regard; whenever a great one comes along it's milked and milked with countless sequels. Rarely is greatness ever left alone. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Matrix, Jurassic Park (the book) - just three examples that quickly come to mind of great first efforts that should have been left at that.



N711 said:

i want to see the evolution of mankind reconquer the world inhabited by the infected and by barbaric humans who think they can save their old 'civilization'
(trying not to give away spoilers)



Fire-and-Water said:

Eh, never liked The Last of Us. Took itself too seriously. Reminded me of AC3 predicting the end of the world. You're way over your heads you pretentious A holes.



ToOGoodOfAPlaya said:

Id love to see what Joel and Tommy had to do to survive those ten years, it obviously bothered Tommy how Joel would do anything it took to survive at the expense of hos own hunanity.
But I like not knowing and having my own ideas, about what happened.

Either that or it start on infection day in the UK, as we see the newspapers about border closes and such.
Itd be cool to see that angle and how wed begin to realise it happened everywhere at once.

That said Im not 100% on the idea.

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