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European Developers Favour PlayStation 4 Ahead of Any Other Console

Posted by Sammy Barker

Stop us if you've heard this one before

A study conducted by GDC Europe is the second in less than a week to find that the PlayStation 4 is currently the console of choice for most developers around the continent. In a poll quizzing about 400 studios about their platform preferences, 18 per cent of respondents said that they are currently making games for Sony’s next-gen system, compared to 13 per cent on the Xbox One.

Even more worryingly for Microsoft, that split appears to be widening, with 33 per cent stating that they expect to make a game for the PS4 in the future – and just 23 per cent saying the same for the Redmond-based manufacturer’s machine. While this seems like a big win for the Japanese giant, it’s worth noting that the PC finished significantly ahead of both, with 60 per cent of those polled pledging their allegiance to the platform.

Mobile also fared strongly, with a rather impressive 65 per cent of respondents currently building projects for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Of course, the numbers are slightly skewed by the low entry level required to release games on smartphones and tablets – but it's perhaps a sign that Sony should be doing even more to allow indies to release their titles on the PlayStation Store.


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So what does this mean? The PS4 is going to receive even more ports of half baked indie games from the PC?



Punished_Boss_84 said:


I like this one. Last gif of the day. Europe is the master race for console devs on PS4, as expected because PlayStation is more popular in Europe.



eaglebob345 said:

Doesn't matter which developers are on it for me. The game I want still isn't there, and won't be for a while.



eaglebob345 said:

@Punished_Boss I know, they came back swinging with the XB360. Microsoft has a rather large fanbase, considering that Windows users still count, imo. Microsoft might get me if Scalebound is as good as it should be along with snagging KH3. If Sony tosses out anything that intrigues me before KH3 I may get the PS4 instead, but right now Sony has to try harder to get me.

If one of them (Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo) can pull something extraordinary it'll only be better for everyone. Sometimes I wish they would all band together to make a super box, to stop all of the mindless internet arguments.



Demi_God said:

If I want anything from Microsoft, I'll stick with windows. To be honest, I wish they would do away with the Xbox Division and get back to what has always made them more money than anything else, Windows. I'm not trolling here either, Microsofts baby is windows, it's always been that way and with the lack of effort for the windows system, it sure has went down hill. I like PC gaming and I like console gaming. I would much rather have MS make an awesome windows OS then what they are currently doing.

I really don't see them making another Xbox in the future unless it's again a multimedia device.



eaglebob345 said:

@Demi_God An xbox gaming computer would be an excellent idea. That way I could play games and use it for school. They could make it customizable like a PC as well, for those who love PC's and they could even still release new models after some time to appease the console lovers as well. Let it play XB and PC games and it could be a hit. Microsoft should be in the best position with all of their options, but seems they don't want to explore any of them.



Demi_God said:

There really isn't a need for an Xbox gaming computer. A gaming computer is just that and the last thing I need on a gaming PC is a stupid pay yearly subscription fee. For consoles it really doesn't bother me, but if MS decided to go that way on the PC, I would go 100% linux after that.

Sorry but playstation has this gen in a trick or treat basket, they made a great console, more so compared to Microsoft and the outcome is super.




thedevilsjester said:

@Demi_God Actually Windows doesnt make them more money than anything else, in fact, it is in third place. Microsoft Office is their money maker. Not to say Windows doesnt make them a huge profit, but its not #1 for them and has not been for quite some time.

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