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EA Cuffs Battlefield Hardline and Throws Away the Key Until 2015

Posted by Joey Thurmond

Dragon Age also dragon behind schedule

With several of its blockbuster titles not due until next year, EA's non-sports lineup for the rest of 2014 consisted of the ambitious Dragon Age: Inquisition and the unexpected yet thrilling Battlefield Hardline. Sadly, instead of taking a risk and pushing forward with these titles' pre-established release dates, the publisher has opted to take a, ahem, hardline – and push both back.

Over on BioWare's official website for its open world dragon slaying title, Mark Darrah – the executive producer behind Inquisition – stated today that the role-playing game has been moved to 18th November in North America and 21st November in Europe, which is about a six-week delay. However, he affirmed that this will be well worth it in the end by polishing up the overall experience and eliminating bugs, making sure "that our open spaces are as engaging as possible".

But Visceral is taking an even further leap into the future with Hardline, which Battlefield boss Karl Magnus Troedsson also announced today by confirming that it will launch in early 2015 on PlayStation's console platforms. After the fiasco that was Battlefield 4, this is an understandable decision that was made primarily due to the feedback received from the game's beta which took place during E3 2014.

"[It] spurred us to start thinking about other possibilities and ways that we could push Hardline innovation further and make the game even better," Troedsson said. "The more that we thought about these ideas, the more that we knew that we had to get them into the game that you will all be playing. We want Battlefield Hardline to be the best game that it can be, and [to] create the best environment for a smooth launch for our players."

What do you think about these setbacks for EA's biggest hits? Are you disappointed by this sudden move, or more comforted by the fact that these anticipated titles will get more TLC? Raid the comments section below and let us know.


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get2sammyb said:

Another one bites the dust. Neither of these are the end of the world — October was already silly season — but I can't help but feel that EA are starting to really lag behind their competitors these days. FIFA's a juggernaut, yes, but they've ceded the NBA market, no one seems content with Madden, they messed up the Titanfall launch spectacularly (IMO), Battlefield 4 is broken, Hardline is delayed, and there's been very little word on Mass Effect, Battlefront, and Mirror's Edge.




WebHead said:

Glad they delayed Hard line. October is packed as is and well...we don't want another rushed BF game.



Demi_God said:

I'm starting to wonder if Andrew Wilson (EA CEO) has anything to do with hardline pushed back. The fact that BF4 launched in such a half-@## manner with awful server problems could have had him rattled a bit. He's in a very important position right now, so he does have something to prove to increase a steady fanbase for games. I think this pushback is probably the best decision that could have happened. The Battlefield series has always been cursed with horrible launches and a not so polished product.

Here's the thing, if you have a horrible leader that can't lead a company, you will have products that show that to be the case as John Riccitiello wasn't a good leader at all over at Electronic Arts. All that pecker had was money symbols in his eye's, he tried to screw over a lot of people. o.O



ShogunRok said:

A month delay on Dragon Age isn't so bad. It'll at least give us some time to slaughter our way through Shadows of Mordor!



TromboneGamer said:

I think this is one of EA's first steps to becoming a respectable company. Hardline was their big hitter of the holiday season. It's miraculous that they think it's worth it to make it better.



THEundying27 said:

@TromboneGamer EA and the word respectable don't belong in the same sentence. EVER!

If they hadn't pissed off gamers enough that caused these huge up roars they would still be releasing unfinished products.

EA is trash and always will be.



Jaz007 said:

I guess this proves Hardline isn't just a cash-in (If you think about, BF has done titles like this before) or making Battlefield yearly for sure.



Dohv said:

Don't really care about Hardline. It felt like a BF4 re skin. Dragon Age I'll probably get when it's cheaper anyway.



Gamer83 said:

I can't say I blame EA, it's just funny it'd choose not to go against CoD and Destiny but will still release it's entirely horrendous NBA game against 2K's, day and date. I think even against better competition, Hardline would still sell decently. Live 15 doesn't have a chance,.



Mrskinner said:

Destiny is my shooter for the year then. I won't be buying COD, I will wait for Hardline. I am happy about the dragon age pushback, I really want to play that and mordor and didnt want to have to do both at same time!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

They probably decided end of 2014 was stupid and will improve on both. Dragon Age looks okay and Hardline's Beta was completely average.



RaymanFan2 said:

IMO this is a very good thing.
After 4, I imagine Hardline probably would have launched just as buggy if they hadn't pushed it back.
Especially since it's only a year later.



ReigningSemtex said:

Battlefield hardline just looks like a mod of battlefield 4 I have no interest in either game and as someone who isn't interested in annual yearly released games and sports games EA are becoming more and more irrelevant to me



PlaytendoGuy said:

After the giant f up that was BF4 launch, and the glitches that were still present until various updates this isn't a surprise.
Anyhoo the game just looks like bf 4 with a cops and robbers theme.



WebHead said:

Plus let's face it Hardline was probably going to be roflstomped by destiny and cod advanced warfare.



PoNY_LTD said:

Push that bf4 expansion pack atleast a year... Sad about dragon age, shadow of Mordor will have to be a replacement (probably will be delayed too).



KelticDevil said:

Who cares about Hardline anyways? Just another BF game for EA to screw up. And Dragon Age getting delayed one month is no big deal.



Paranoimia said:

Of course, the Hardline delay had nothing at all to do with the fact that a huge number of people were saying they weren't going to buy a BF4 reskin at full game price.

I was dubious about it, and when I played the beta it made up my mind... I won't be buying. Apart from the whole 'reskin' issue, the whole premise of the game is just ludicrous.



Mrskinner said:

I really enjoyed the Hardline Beta. Maybe I am the only one looking at the comments here. But give me a battlefield game over a COD game any day of the week.



odd69 said:

im pissed, i wanted dragon age in my ps4 this year! but im grateful it will be polished nicely

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