DriveClub is easily one of the prettiest games in the pipeline for the PlayStation 4, but it has come under increased scrutiny due to developer Evolution Studios’ decision to favour flair over framerate. Speaking in an interview with Red Bull – yes, the energy drink – game director Paul Rustchynsky has rubbished claims that it’s taken the wrong turn with the title by adopting a refresh rate of 30 frames-per-second, imploring people to actually play the next-gen racer before, er, writing it off.

“I can see why players assume that a higher framerate means better quality, because in pretty much every other technical statistic the higher numbers directly translate to better performance and more detail,” he candidly concluded. “With high framerates, though, you’ve got to sacrifice a lot of detail, and ultimately we’re really satisfied that we’ve got a great balance of a racing game that looks stunning and plays beautifully.”

Rustchynsky continued that the first-party outfit’s worked hard to maintain the fluidity of the fast-paced foray despite the lower than expected framerate. “I’d encourage any sceptics to give it a go, because we’ve spent a lot of time and effort making sure that the game never drops a frame and that your inputs have no noticeable input latency, which even some of the games running at 60FPS can’t guarantee.”

Of course, that’s not going to stop it from pushing even further in the future. “The PS4 is fantastic to work with because it’s been built in collaboration with studios like ours,” the racing game veteran enthused. “Looking back at what we’ve been able to do in the past two years, and how we’re continually finding new ways of getting even more performance out of the hardware, I don’t think that we’re anywhere close to reaching the limit of what the system can do yet.”

And we can believe it, considering the leaps and bounds that the racing specialist’s PS4 debut has come on over the past twelve months or so. Is the title's framerate still very much a bee in your bonnet, or did you leave those complaints behind long ago? Roar like a Ferrari F50 in the comments section below.