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Could Minecraft Be the PlayStation Vita's Secret Killer App?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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There’s a fair amount of chatter right now about Sony’s treatment of the PlayStation Vita, with numerous executives indicating that the firm’s slowing its support for the format. However, we get the sneaking suspicion that many are sleeping on Minecraft, which, with the right sort of marketing and bundles, could be a big commercial hit for the console in Western territories.

While the release is not exactly an unknown quantity, this version will mark the first time that the entire indie outing has been playable on a portable platform. While a stripped down spin-off is available for smartphones, this edition is identical to the PlayStation 3 release – even allowing you to transfer your save data between systems. Still not convinced? We’ll let our friends over at Family Gamer TV explain just why this is such a big deal.

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WARDIE said:

Maybe its last killer app... Shame that Sony aren't pushing the first party games now as I doubt third party developers will take the risks if the platform holder isn't anymore. I know it will still get some support but not what it deserves or was built for. I was really looking forward to Minecraft on the Vita until I found out I could only upload my Vita save to PS4 just the once. After hearing how Sony has treated the Vita I sold mine whilst I still could. Shame really.



JavierYHL said:

looking forward to it...but on hand there is still too much vita games i owned that i yet to play and plat



ztpayne7 said:

@WARDIE are you kidding? They made it free for people who already had it on ps3. That's not treating it badly!



Jazzer94 said:

The Pocket Edition has become fairly decent so I don't think there will be a great revival for the Vita by relying on Minecraft, I'm sure it will do well but at this point the Vita is an after thought in the West for Sony the system needs a concentrated effort that just doesn't exist while Sony continue to annoy what few Vita owners it has.



Scollurio said:

I hope its some life-injection for the Vita, I doubt it will do much though. And for those that are annoyed by Sony's treatment of the Vita. Yeah I am annoyed too, but seriously, if its not selling, why waste anymore money on it. Sony has to slim down its business in so many sectors to stay relevant and in business. I rather have them somewhat abandon the Vita than running their business (including PS4) into a wall.

And again, as my final sentence, I wish the Vita was more successfull!



Max04 said:

I will sell my vita, where are the games like GTA v to be the last on vita ?



ThreadShadow said:

A killer app? I just don't know. Being the PS3 version instead of a port of the mobile version, I can see the attraction, but I just don't know. Are people going to rush out to buy a PSVita to play Minecraft PS3 on the go?



get2sammyb said:

@ThreadShadow My personal opinion is that if they create a really nice bundle, with a themed PS Vita, a copy of the game, and perhaps even throw in a code for Tearaway, it could do incredibly well. You can get Vitas for pretty cheap here in the UK, so I could see how a 'portable Minecraft player' could be a big hit with kids at Christmas.

It all depends on how they handle it, though.



ThreadShadow said:

@get2sammyb True, true. That sounds like a great bundle. It's only lack would be a high capacity mc and an OLED Vita.

Do kids even want a Vita? Will kids be out there mowing lawns so they can save up and buy a Minecraft Vita bundle when nothing else on the system is attractive to them, or made for them? Are they going to waste all their Christmas begging on a Vita, instead of on something that offers more content for them?
Interesting to see what happens.



rastamadeus said:

If this was Nintendo getting Minecraft for the 3DS (if the 3DS was in the situation Vita is in) I would be 100% sure it would be a success. It's not though, it's Sony who haven't got a clue - or desire - to promote or sell the Vita. Sales might go up a wee bit but nothing special. Kids love Minecraft but you're not going to buy your son or daughter a brand new console to play it on when they have it on their home machines and tablets/phones. It's two years too late.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@get2sammyb Sorry its not going work, Sony are trying to bury Vita at every opportunity. Tell me this why is there a Minecraft PS3 & PS4 trailer and no Vita edition trailer? Its very telling.

Sure your personal opinion sounds very attractive and good for Vita owners/kids, which is exactly why Sony won't do it.



bbq_boy said:

I can see two plus points for this version - accurate physical controls compared to tablets or phones. Then show it off to friends on big TV screen when uploaded to ps3/ps4. Yep I'll be getting this!




No.. because it's already available on every other format on the planet for more than likely a lot less than it will be on the Vita.



eLarkos said:

@voodoo341 exactly. All other devices may not have the "full" version but who cares.
This guy making the video uses his kids as an example of ppl wanting the vita version. Their dad makes videogame youtube vids for goodness sake. They prob eat video games for breakfast. They literally represent 0.001% of normal kids.
I have many young (rich) cousins in law here in brazil who are glued to their ipads playing Minecraft. Not a single one has a slight interest in purchasing a vita for Minecraft.

I think a better representation of how much impact this game will have is by how many ppl cared it was on show at e3. Ppl at e3 are the type of ppl who might actually fork out a few hundred for a new console. Even he said it in his video that it barely had any interest.

I honestly cant believe people think this game could potentially be some killer app vita life saver. I guess its the same people who thought vita would be successful. Completely out of touch with real world consumers.



rjejr said:

Well I can certainly imagine more than a few copies of Vita Minecraft being sold, but the system itself? Like everybody else here that I dont see. Though to be fair a Minecraft bundle would probably sell better than the Vita by itself, but any game bundled is going to help the Vita sell. But Vita Minecraft on a shelf next to a SSB 3DS bundle? I think I know which portable system is going to sell better this holiday.

PS4 vs Wii U? That might be more intersting, though my money is on PS4, even if SSB and amiibo miraculously make it on shelves by Christmas.



Alpha said:

@get2sammyb sounds like the public have better ideas than Sony does for the vita. I'd buy it even though I already have a vita! I'd give it to my gf.



WARDIE said:

@ztpayne7 Yeah Sony aren't treating the Vita like it deserved. Its a great system which has only been around for a couple of years and they announce that they are not going to be releasing many more first party games for it. They should lead the way. They sold us on the idea of console quality games on the go for the next few years. Its been two years, thats it. I agree its great to get Minecraft Vita for free if you brought the PS3 edition but it doesn't give me confidence as a consumer when they admit to the lack of first party games that we've seen and also admit it will get worse. So why should other big developers take the risk if Sony won't for much longer. I like Sony and the Vita but like I said above, its a shame.



-CraZed- said:

If there will be a Minecraft Vita bundle it will help move units. A lot of units.
Never been into Minecraft but after playing Terreria I might give it a go on the Vita.



Kohaku said:


When you rely on mostly indie stuff on your handheld it will never sell well. Look at the 3DS which has loads of good games and watch the sales.
And its not only the games, as long as Sony wants that gamers to buy far far to expensive memory cards (instead of the normal micro SD cards like the 3DS has) the Vita will be to expensive.



ThreadShadow said:

I forgot about the physical controls for the Vita version. That is an absolute plus. I hear that the Mobile version is getting an update for infinite land at version 1.0, though. I'm interested to see what Minecraft does for the Vita.

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