We’re so used to Call of Duty games looking a little, er, flat that Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming solo series debut is blowing our brains a little bit. While previous outing Call of Duty: Ghosts was available on the PlayStation 4, it merely represented an up-ressed PlayStation 3 title – whereas this latest entry looks next-gen all the way.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare runs with a pretty familiar premise – private military corporations, shady chief executives, terrorists, a foot soldier with a conscious, etc – but some of the set-pieces teased in the story trailer below have our internal adrenaline metre running in overdrive. After all, who doesn’t want to fly jetpacks to save the world?

Have you got what it takes to stop an especially scary Kevin Spacey from finishing his maniacal mission? Flaunt your futuristic tech in the comments section below.

[via youtube.com]