The time to rejoice is near at hand, dear readers, as The Last of Us Remastered will soon be hitting store shelves. Not only will this allow us to finally get our hands on the next-gen port, it also means that we can stop writing articles about it. Hurrah. In the meantime, though, we have the unenviable task of bringing you yet more news pertaining to Naughty Dog's survival horror opus.

You may recall that new DLC has previously been hinted for the title. At that time, our fearless leader Sammy Barker predicted that the new content would be for the game's criminally underrated multiplayer mode, and as usual, he was right. Indeed, the California-based studio has recently categorically confirmed that we won't be taking on any clickers by ourselves in the foreseeable future.

"We just wanted to say that when we released the Remastered version, we know that there's a lot of DLC out there, and that we weren't going to stop supporting both the PS3 and PS4 versions," community strategist Arne Meyer said of the initial statements. "We do have some DLC planned, it'll be multiplayer focused. We're not ready to talk about the details yet, but throughout the rest of the year, we'll have some DLC drops."

Luckily, all forthcoming content will be cross-buy, so if you do decide to upgrade down the line, all of your purchases will carry over to the newer version. Will you be picking up The Last of Us Remastered? Is more DLC a tempting proposition? Shout, shout, let it all out in the comments section below.