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August PlayStation Plus Update to Boast Eclectic List of Free Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

Something for everyone

We’re nearing that time of the month yet again where attention begins to turn to the next batch of free PlayStation Plus titles set to enter the Instant Game Collection. July saw the addition of PlayStation 4 releases Strider and TowerFall: Ascension – among others – but Sony is plotting a particularly varied lineup for August.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, scribe Fred Dutton confirmed the tidbit in response to an eager fan. “It’s looking like an eclectic list this month,” he hinted. “[There] should be something for everyone.” Sadly, unless it leaks, we won’t get to find out what the offering entails for another week, so you’re just going to have to sit tight for now.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate. There have been very few rumours regarding the types of freebies in the pipeline, but we’d quite like to see a full retail game on the scale of Knack, Thief, or The LEGO Movie Video Game given away on the next-gen machine. How about you? Share your dream lineup in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

@MANTAGTJ001 Definitely think it'll happen at some point. Could benefit from the boost in player count, too - the multiplayer is severely underrated.



MadchesterManc said:

Cue the calls for Knack to be on PS+ from those that have been trashing the game for months. Stay classy folks



Mrskinner said:

Didn't really enjoy Killzone and Knack was awful in my opinion. Thief was another I sold very quickly. I would be quite happy with Black Flag again at some point though. That would definitely get a second play through.



Reverandjames said:

I don't think we're going to get a full retail release on PS4 until Driveclub. TFA and Strider were a huge step up this month tho....Borderlands for Vita would be sweet.



InsaneMikeB said:

Injustice was £11.99 on the PS store a few weeks back. Surely they wont mind giving that one away?



Munkyknuts said:

I've been ok with the PS+ offerings on the PS4....even if I do just give the games a go and then put them aside....I had enough of Strider when I was a child and Doki Doki Universe made my brain feel funny. However a bigger game would be good now would make a plus subscription feel more worthwhile to those who only have the PS4. I'm used to getting major titles via plus on my PS3. I never played Knack it wasn't really my thing but I'd give it a fair go if it was a plus title....I'm not really into fighting games either but I'd not complain if injustice was thrown in the mix.



Carl-G said:

I wouldn't mind Knack Hell i wouldn't even mind a Demo of Knack The lack of Demos this Gen so far has been disappointing(+ are we ever going to get streaming Demos to?)



Mrskinner said:

@Carl-G Good point, I thought there was going to be a whole host of demos so you could try before you buy on PS4. Whatever happened to that?



Splat said:

This PS3 only owner does not want ANY kind of puzzle game...



D_Morris said:

Black flag would be best case scenario, injustice would be awesome, thief would be good, tomb raider would be good, knack would be ok, probably wouldn't play the Lego movie though and already played through killzone



Boerewors said:

PS+' free games are suffocating me. Growing up as a gamer in the late 80s, early 90s we didn't have too many games at our disposal: what we had, we had to play till we saw every last pixel of the game. That gamer, who wants to experience all, is still in me...but I have way too many games to fully explore now. I seriously start to dislike PS+ more and more, although I realize the service is magnificent for most. Seeing my vast Vita, PS3 and PS4 library actually makes me feel like I'm choking: I don't know where to begin and it's hard to stay focussed at just one game, because there are so many waiting. Cause obviously I buy other games I actually want as well. This might be the strangest thing ever, to hear someone say he doesn't like free stuff... But you can compare it to listening to your radio in your car when you can't settle on which station you're going to listen to; eventually you'll just turn the whole damn thing off and start humming your own tunes.



ShogunRok said:

I'd like to see LEGO Marvel on PS4 as a freebie. Supposed to be really good, isn't it?



Tasuki said:

@ShogunRok: It is the best Lego game to date IMO, especially if you are a Marvel fan.

I personally would love to see Knack come to PSN for free that's one reason I have bought it yet. I wouldn't mind Thief as I did enjoy that game too.




PS+ on the PS4 has been a massive disappointment. I wont be renewing my sub in November unless the quality improves. Eclectic to Fred Dutton translates to 'we struggled to get enough content so settled for any old rubbish'.



3Above said:

I hoping for Dragonball z Budokai HD, Peacewalker and Transistor



kickout said:


I have the same problem! Hell with work , the kids and all the other stuff I have to do its hard for me to finish a call of duty game. But yet Ill still buy/ download games because theyre such a good deal or theyre free! Sometimes games themselves are a daunting task, which is why when I do have an hour to spare ill blow it off playing some online shooter or a sports game. Life /rant



Kyroki said:

As long as it's something worth playing.. Tbh, the last few haven't really appealed to me. Just my opinion.



JohnKarnes said:

I dont want a full retail game chances are high that I already have it on PS4! I feel Playstation is doing a great Job with Plus giving unique games on PS4.



thedevilsjester said:

I really hope its not Knack, Thief, or the Lego Movie because I just bought all three of those (used) last week on a buy two get one sale! That'll teach me to buy games!




@voodoo341 Agree to an extent. I find it hard to believe that the team in charge of the IGC were cheering in the office when Vessel and Doki Doki Universe were brought up.
They usually have at least one stellar game, but this has seemed to decline in the last few months.



Reverandjames said:

@Boerewors I hear you man, having all those games to play is literally making me want to play nothing. I have a bunch of half finished games on my PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, but have nothing I particularly want to play. I find PS Plus to be a bit of a curse, as I would be more likely to finish a game if I bought it. Yet, having all these games that I'm not playing is starting to be a waste of money.




@Johnnycide It isn't just the IGC for PS4 PS+ that's a massive disappointment. Where are the discounts, exclusive content or even PS+ beta's for the PS4? Seems SCEE just drop it all. We'd an exclusive plane for War Thunder that was actually worse than some of the free planes. And it's not as is the PSN is better for the PS4 now we're paying for it as well.

PS+ is clearly in decline.



mr-blobby said:

@Boerewors I too have the same problem, too many games to get through! Although i love ps+, i end up wasting a good 30 min's of my games time deciding what to play, which can put me off wanting to play at all. So much easier when we had a few games in the back log instead of 15.



ixnay66 said:

@MadchesterManc I won a PS4 in a contest and it came with Knack. I thought it was fine for a family game. A lot of the games I play can't be played around my 7 year old due to language or violence so it was nice that I soulc play and he could watch.



ixnay66 said:

@TOMBOY25 I wouldn't have bought it myself but I got it with my PS4 in a bundle and had fun playing it to completion.



magnieto2003 said:

I think the psn content was great early days,, the highlight for me being 'dont starve' but again recently i havent been that interested in the new stuff, i would love to see abes odysee, last of us and hmmm minecraft or fallout new vegas remastered i think those would be both eclectic and a top line up!



jgrangervikings1 said:

@Borerewors I totally understand what you're saying. Choice overload is a problem that we run into more and more often these days. I really do my best to not think about the games I haven't gotten to, and instead just put a few games on my Vita so I have less options and make it easier to decide what to play. And, I think about PS Plus as a service like Netflix or HBO--I don't have to play everything to enjoy the service. If I tried watching everything on Netflix, I'd go nuts. Ultimately, it's a trivial first-world issue, but I can definitely relate.

As for August, I'm ready for Tomb Raider for PS4.



JohnKarnes said:

I want,we want, they want! Please Sony has done a great job with Plus on Ps4. I think its AMAZING we even got it the first year one PS4's life. Do they really need to offer a full retail game? the answer in NO! What they should do is keep up the great job they are doing. Offering a wind range of games on plus. Understand some games on plus you wont like but others will! Thats what its all about. Not everything just for you but something for everyone.

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