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A New Story Mission Is Taking You to the Moon in the Destiny Beta Tomorrow

Posted by Robert Ramsey

We would never have guessed

Tomorrow marks the last full day of the Destiny beta, and what a huge success it appears to have been. Writing on its official blog, developer Bungie has confirmed that you'll be heading to the Moon, as the mission that's been sitting on our map screens since the beta began will be unlocked.

Unfortunately, the new mission will only be available to players for two hours, meaning that you'll have to scramble your buddies together pretty quickly if you want to take part. In addition, the post talks about a huge Public Event, and also mentions a special emblem that players will receive for having helped test the upcoming sci-fi shooter. It's sounding like a rather ambitious goodbye, then, but it's easy to forget that Destiny is only a couple of months away. Will you be diving into the beta to snag your exclusive nameplate? Reminisce about your adventures with us in the comments section below.


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AlexStinton said:

@SimonAdebisi I'm afraid that isn't on my list of places to visit this weekend. Though you know what they say the best thing about visiting Blackpool is? Leaving! : )



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@AlexStinton @rastamadeus I can see the theatre of dreams from my office, another view you'll highly appreciate. I'm always out of Blackpool before nightfall, probably where the order 1886 should have been set, perhaps the second chapter eh.



chazaroonie said:

It does say 9pm GMT but we are on BST now, which is an hour ahead. So I'm thinking it will be 10pm in the UK.



Davros79 said:

WOW just played the moon mission it has pikes!! , the story missions I've played so far are unbelievably bloody DULL!!!

This mission on the moon was just the same as the ones on Old Russia !! Eg kill waves of the fallen and hive (or Should that be the covenant and the flood) and then deploy your ghost into a console!!

This is very uninspired game design, the story missions are bland. its like " kill 400 fallen and hive and then press square"



Mrskinner said:

Played the moon, not impressed. Same missions only a different map. My opinion is if destiny sticks to this repetition throughout the game it will be a flop. I don't mean sales wise as the hype around this game will see it move a lot of units. However, gameplay and replay value, this will be a flop



Davros79 said:

I know its a beta but The pvp is woeful. Compared to bungies previous efforts.



Reverandjames said:

Played it, was a pretty cool solo mission. Not too difficult, and the moon looks great. I think the game has a really cool atmosphere about it, almost like Star Wars. Really looking forward to the full version coming out.



Davros79 said:

@Azikira as far as i know , playing the beta 10pm tonight gives you a emblem probably for that moon mission or something equally as tedious like having new dance new dance moves. Maybe its something that carries over to the full game.



Davros79 said:

@Reverandjames hey rev, yeah i agree the moon looks cool, but Didn't you find the mission to be a carbon copy of the four missions on old russia? In the sense that u can explore the odd cave, but essentialy the missions are just about killing large groups of fallen n hive who have bad AI and then deploying your ghost to decipher stuff or open doors ?



Reverandjames said:

@Davros I agree wirh you to a certain extent, but I feel that the full game will offer more when it is released. You could say the same thing about Halo and Call of duty, I just think it's cool blasting away at enemies in different amazing looking locations. Having said that, at the moment, stuck at level 8, there are no real incentives to go out and complete these missions, as most of the gear I have are above my level, so I can't improve my character.
I do however agree thay the pvp is absolutely terrible. It feels like an afterthought which isn't like Bungie.



Davros79 said:

I dunno halo gameplay was far more compelling than what destinys shown so far. I cant see bungie changing the style or direction of the story mode now. 5 missions so far? All identical in gameplay style and objectives. Halo also had a much stronger narrative than destinys displayed so far.



salcal2122 said:

I dont know if any one else found this place on the moon mission there was this place i went in side there was diffrent section one place i went was worlds grave,tomb of corta and some other places i also fought a few ogres oh and a shreiker both of them i havent fougt until now



dgwdum said:

@Davros79 I agree completely with this. Maybe it was because it was capture the flag and not death match but pvp is boring to me. Maybe I'm used to playing 32v32 on bf4 or the huge maps on planetside also. Idk

I really enjoyed the CoOp missions though, especially when a random boss appears. All the random caves and hidden tunnels are great ways to find great equipment as well. I'm definitely keeping my pre order but not for the pvp.



Reverandjames said:

@Davros79 I think we'll get a bit more story wise when the full game releases, as I doubt bungie will want to give too much away on the beta. I don't think it will match up to Halo in terms of atmosphere, I think destiny is more about the social aspect , and the different unlockables you can obtain. I think this is what people will keep playing it for.



McSterls said:

Moon looked good, but the gameplay didn't seem as polished as the old earth levels. Still a beta though. Can't wait for the full game!

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