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Watch 12 Minutes of Freedom Wars Gameplay and Decide If It's a Sentence Worth Enduring

Posted by Robert Ramsey

On the painted desert

Japanese publication has managed to grab 12 minutes of gameplay from upcoming Vita title Freedom Wars. The action RPG releases in just a few short hours in its native Japan, so don't be too surprised if you see plenty more videos hitting the internet within the next couple of days.

If you're still struggling to get excited for the handheld apocalyptic tale, perhaps this lengthy clip can help you decide on whether or not the game is for you. Featuring what seems to be a somewhat standard mission, you'll be able to pick out numerous gameplay details. We already know that the title will boast a broad selection of cool looking weapons, but here we get to see how you'll be able to switch from long ranged attacks to melee offensives when necessary. Is Freedom Wars beckoning you, or are you unhappy with what you've seen? Traipse through a desert to get to the comments section below.


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Snorky said:

Wow! Looks fantastic! I can see this selling great numbers in Jp, it'll probably help sales on PSVita TV too.



Vader-Taters said:

I'm looking forward to this game, it's looking quite awesome! Hopefully we'll see some Gravity Rush 2 gameplay at one of the upcoming conventions!



-CraZed- said:

Looks amazing! Is this supposed to come to the US as well? If so it is a definite purchase for me.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

@rjejr Does Freedom Wars work on PlayStation TV? Yes. Its not mentioned anywhere, but in Japan. Does it include the Japanese voiceover? Yes.



rjejr said:

@Punished_Boss - Thanks. Now I have another reason to pay more attention to PS TV. Though it seems the more I learn the less I want. Will really have to pay attention when the time gets closer.



JaxonH said:


We ONLY get the Japanese voice track. Which is one of the reasons I'm so upset about this game. I don't want to read subtitles. I mean, I will if I have to- there's no way I'm passing up this game, but still, it's just lazy.

I'm also crossing my fingers to see if the game even gets a physical release or not. I hate it when games only release digitally. It's why I didn't buy Soul Sacrifice Delta, New Little Kings Story, or Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. This one I'll make an exception for, again, if I HAVE to, but I won't be happy about it.

It just looks like such an awesome game, SO good, with such little effort for the western audience. No English, no physical release... it sucks.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "no physical release... it sucks."

I thought this was a big Vita release, no English, they expect people to read subttles on the Vita? I always play w/ the japanese voices when given the option but my tv screen is a lot larger than the Vita.

No retail release is really odd also, what w/ the cost of those memory cards being a thorn in everyone's side. For PS3/4 I usually don't consider it a big deal.

No english and no cartridge for one of the few remaining big Vita releases, not good.



JaxonH said:

"Not good."

Exactly. This was hyped up to no end as this huge, turnaround release from Sony. And from what I can see, it's living up to that hype in terms of quality gameplay. So why limit the impact of such a title to Japan only? I mean, it's not like the Vita has any other big exclusives in the bullpen right now. The LEAST they could do is give it a physical release with an English voiceover.

Pretty cheap to put subtitles in a big exclusive game being released in the west, but the digital release- that'll REALLY piss me off. I'll put up with subtitles, but taking up several gigabytes of that precious $3-per-gb memory card? That's not kosher. Not to mention I like physical releases regardless.

There is a chance it'll still get a physical release- the developers said "they were thinking about it". Not sure if that bodes well or not... we'll see I guess.



Ginkgo said:

Certainly interested in this. Just depends on price. No retail release doesn't bother me as I just got my 64GB memory card.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "That's not kosher."

I know my seemingly constant negativity tends to get under your skin, but your last post seems directed at Sonys new thinking that the Vita is basically a $199 remote PS4 controller. FW going digital/subtitled was just your last straw.



JaxonH said:

@rjejr Thanks, but I have a 32gb I scored for $40 on a clearance sale. Waited 2 years for the price to dip below $50. I don't like switching cards though, so if I do outgrow my 32, I'll get a 64. Not sure if I wanna spend $100 just to upgrade a Vita mem card though. Might just stop buying PSN games altogether instead. Which is what I did for the first 2 years, before I got my 32.

But yeah, the price of memory does bother me, but it's more the fact I hate digital releases for retail games in the first place, regardless of memory price. Particularly for such a great game like this one.

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