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Video: This is What Pro Evo 2015 Will Look Like In Motion

Posted by Damien McFerran

First gameplay footage hits the web

Konami has lifted the lid on the next entry in the Pro Evolution Soccer series with a short but sweet gameplay trailer.

As expected, PES 2015: Pro Evolution Soccer looks absolutely stunning — but then most football games can boast that these days. The proof will be in the core mechanics, of which the trailer reveals very little. Konami has stated that specific gameplay features will be revealed on 3rd July.

Does this video get your pulse racing, or is your heart forever FIFA's? Post a comment to share your feelings.


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Boerewors said:

I haven't enjoyed a soccer game since the ps2 days, so I really hope this PES will turn the tide. Loving either FIFA or PES is as silly and irrational as the love for a footbalclub, but I've been a ISS and WE/ PES "supporter" as long as it exists and no matter the huge bump in quality in recent years, I can't seem to get into FIFA like I could with PES. I kept on playing PES 5 on my PS2 and ps3 phat till both broke down and no I am longing for those days where FIFA was nothing more than a licensed turd and PES was for the true lovers of the game.



eLarkos said:

@Boerewors Slightly off topic but supporting/loving a football team is quite often not irrational. I have a strong connection to my local rugby team. Students I went to school with are now playing, the famous players have done great work in our community through charity etc. You can extrapolate these rational reasons to a more distant level as well - regional team, national team.

Now supporting PES over FIFA I can agree is irrational. Still, I dislike EA, thats enough reason for me to pick PES.



Boerewors said:

I meant irrational in a way that you usually don't love who is the best or which style of play you prefer most, but you support your local team, national team or the team your dad told you to support. Rugby is different in a sense that it isn't as spoiled by money as football is (yet); so you often see locals performing in the squad and when they reach out to the community it's usually because they want it, not because it's part of a sponsorship deal. But when you support most premier league clubs these days, you don't see the ties with their hometowns and audience as much as it once was. If Manchester city would be moved to London, just the supporters would that's why I always thought of supporting a team as kind of irrational; if you don't necessarily pick the best game/team because of your unrequited love for it.



thecrazygaijin said:

I've always been a huge PES fanboy, but I gotta say the last few ones have been huge let downs for me not sure about others but I just didn't enjoy them as much, I have high hopes riding on this game to deliver a proper football gaming experience.



KAPADO said:

Is it wrong that im only slightly excited. It doesn't look as amazing as I anticipated. Let's hope it plays amazing again.



eLarkos said:

@Boerewors ahhh yea I see. Iv been lucky enough that my local teams are the best teams! Totally rational fan right here

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