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Twitch's E3 Streaming Schedule Teases 13 New Possible PS4 Projects

Posted by Nicola Hayden

Such a tease

With E3 just a week away, spirits are high in the Push Square office, with bets being placed on what surprises the biggest video game event of the year will spring on us. Streaming site Twitch has changed the odds, however, as it's revealed its show floor schedule, which just so happens to include a bunch of unannounced titles.

Sony, in particular, will be showing two secret releases: one available for the PS4 and PS3, and another for the PS4 and Vita. Don't lose hope, though, as these will merely be from the pool of products playable on the show floor, and don't necessarily mean that there'll be nothing else on display during the platform holder's press conference.

Plenty of other companies will come bearing gifts, too, with Metro Redux publisher Deep Silver, Assassins Creed overlord Ubisoft, Final Fantasy creator Square Enix, and Batman chief Warner Bros all showing two unannounced titles apiece. EA, Bethesda, and Tecmo Koei will each have one new title to show, too.

If you're eager to tune in, the tentative viewing schedule is below, with an updated version to follow after all of the beans have been spilled. Just remember, the times listed are in Pacific Time, so don't go rocking up early now.

Monday 6/9 PT

9:30am – Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing
11:00am – Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing Post show
11:30pm – Hotline Miami 2 (Dennaton Games/Devolver Digital)
12:00pm – EA World Premiere: E3 2014 Preview
1:00pm – EA Special Event
2:00pm – EA World Premiere: E3 2014 Post show
2:30pm – Bethesda (Unannounced title)
3:00pm – Ubisoft 2014 E3 Media Briefing
4:00pm – Ubisoft 2014 E3 Media Briefing Post show
4:30pm – Witcher 3 (CD Projekt RED)
5:00pm – Dying Light (Techland)
5:30pm – Final thoughts
6:00pm – PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

Tuesday 6/10 PT:

9:00am – Nintendo Digital Event
10:00am – Deep Silver (Unannounced title)
10:15am – Deep Silver (Unannounced title)
10:30am – Dragon Age: Inquisition (EA)
11:00am – Ubisoft (Unannounced title)
11:20am – The Division (Ubisoft)
11:40am – Farcry 4 (Ubisoft)
12:00pm – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Activision)
12:20pm – Microsoft Studios (Unannounced title)
12:40pm – Microsoft Studios (Unannounced title)
1:20pm – Evil Within (Bethesda)
1:40pm – Lords of the Fallen (NAMCO)
2:00pm – Destiny (Activision/BUNGIE)
2:20pm – The Order: 1886 (SCEA)
2:40pm – Nintendo (Unannounced title)
3:00pm – Evolve Special Tournament (2K)
4:00pm – Super Smash Bros. Invitational (Nintendo)

Wednesday 6/11 PT:

10:00am – Alienware
10:30am – Twitch Time
11:00am – Sunset Overdrive (Insomniac Games/Microsoft Studios)
11:20am – Microsoft Studios (Unannounced title)
11:40am – Killer Instinct: Season Two (Iron Galaxy/Microsoft Studios)
12:00pm – Square Enix (Unannounced title)
12:20pm – Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade (Square Enix)
12:40pm – H1Z1 (Sony Online Entertainment)
1:00pm – EA (Unannounced title)
1:20pm – Batman: Arkham Knight (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
1:40pm – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
2:10pm – Nintendo (Unannounced title)
2:30pm – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Unannounced title)
2:50pm – Crytek (Unannounced title)
3:00pm – SCEA (Unannounced PS4/PS3 title)
3:15pm – SCEA (Unannounced PS4/PS Vita Digital title)
3:30pm – Hohokum (Honeyslug, SCE Santa Monica Studio)
3:45pm – Helldivers (Arrowhead Game Studios/Sony Computer Entertainment)
4:00pm – Alien Isolation (The Creative Assembly/SEGA)
4:20pm – Civilization: Beyond Earth (2K)
4:40pm – Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4 (Blizzard)
5:00pm – Evolve Special Tournament (2K)

Thursday 6/12 PT:

10:00am – Tetris w/creator Alexey Pajitnov
10:15am – Zombies Monsters Robots (Ying Pei Games)
10:30am – Guinness World Records – certificate presentation
11:00am – Fable Legends (LionHead/Microsoft Studios)
11:20am – Microsoft Studios (TBD)
11:40am – Project Spark (Team Dakota/Microsoft Studios)
12:00pm – Nintendo (Unannounced title)
12:20am – Square Enix (Unannounced title)
12:40pm – PlanetSide 2 PS4 Edition (Sony Online Entertainment)
1:00pm – 505 Games (TBD) 1:20pm – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Unannounced title)
1:40pm – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Gearbox/2K)
2:00pm – Ubisoft (Unannounced title)
2:20pm – The Crew (Ubisoft)
2:40pm – Nintendo (Unannounced title)
3:00pm – Tecmo Koei (Unannounced title)
3:20pm – Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes (Disney Interactive)
3:40pm – SEGA Sonic BOOM! (SEGA)
4:00pm – Evolve Special Tournament (2K)


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get2sammyb said:

There's a lot of Microsoft stuff. Bit concerning there's not more from Sony studios, actually.



drumsandperc92 said:

hmm, interesting list. I count 4 unannounced titles for Nintendo. One has got to be the new Zelda, i wonder what the other will be.
As for Ubisoft, i see 2 unannounced titles but no mention of AC Unity....i wonder if "unannounced" means we (the public) have no knowledge of said game before E3, or if "unannounced" simply means that the developers themselves simply haven't told Twitch yet what game they plan on showing at that time? i.e. 'unannounced' may very well be AC Unity for ubisoft, and 'unannounced' for Nintendo may be a game we already know about such as "X" or something.



GrafUlrich88 said:

Hey you guys,

Sony and MS both have 8 each games announcements to go over (count them). So please don't sound all sad and disappointed.

Just FYI Sony has so much that they had to announce a lot of games prior to E3 so that they can focus on the games they plan on announcing.





SecondServing said:


I was thinking the same thing.

I'm not trying to troll, but I've been saying that I don't think that there are going to be many new exclusive announcements for PS4. I think Microsoft and Nintendo will be showing the most new exclusives while Sony just relies on 3rd Parties and indies for the most part.

I don't think Sony's E3 will be very strong this year, but next year we will probably see a sh*t ton of new games!



MorriganIsHot said:

Wow sony just wow. I hope the heavy crash bandicoot rumor comes true and a form of home for PS4 that is all I want for E3.



artemisthemp said:

Looks like I will have watch with eye and while writing news and proofreading it with the other



N711 said:

Unannounced PS4/PS3 title? I can only think of The Last Guardian



ztpayne7 said:

Seriously. Just give me ff Xv with release date in the spring and the rest will fall on its own. That's the one announcement that would be personally huge for me, even if it isn't exclusive.



Demi_God said:

Lets not forget that there are still surprises that Sony will announce during E3 that no one has a clue on. Sony always has surprises and I'm sure with this year, we are going to get quite a few for the system that is easy to develop for.



adf86 said:

I counted 9 Sony stuff actually cos I included H1Z1 which will be a Playstation exclusive eventually, also Sony might do stuff on UStream as well.
On another note, this is why PS4 should have had a dedicated Twicth app so that we could watch all this through our console.



banacheck said:

Do you really think Sony would be broadcasting its E3 2014 press conference in selected theatres just to have 3rd party announcements?



Mrskinner said:

Monday interests me, I am interested what Bethesda are bringing to the table. Please be fallout 4!!

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