One of the more exciting announcements at this year's E3 was that PlayStation 4 users would be given access to an exclusive Alpha for incoming shooter Destiny. Indeed, a few of our very own intrepid staff writers have been stalking the planes of the tantalising test. Originally, the alpha was planned to end at 08:00AM BST this morning, however at the time of writing several players are reporting that they still have access to the title.

Not one to miss a beat, developer Bungie took to Twitter to explain the curious occurrence. "There's a rumour that the Destiny Alpha might be extended to allow dangerous experiments," it stated. "Play beyond the official close at your own risk." Perhaps this signals that the studio plans to test out some bizarre and unusual mechanics while it still has the chance.

In truth, we're hoping it attempts to add an even more diverse range of options to the already hilarious and robust suite of dance moves. Are you just about finished with this exclusive Alpha, or do you Desti-need more time? Jump around in the comments section below.