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Terraria Is Building Its Way onto PS4 Later This Year

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Build your own port

Enjoyable sidescrolling build-'em-up Terraria will be digging its way onto the PlayStation 4 later this year, publisher 505 Games has confirmed. Although details on next-gen features are scarce, the game will be on show at E3 next week.

Hopefully, the 2-D title will support some sort of cross-buy, much like the PS4 edition of Minecraft. What we do know, though, is that you'll be able to share your saves between Sony's newest console and Vita, meaning that you can take your progress from your bedroom and out into the world — although there's unfortunately no word on whether PS3 users will be able to make use of the same cross-save functionality. Are you eager to go on another sprite-based adventure, or are you tired of all this next-gen porting? Make your home in the comments section below.


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GRIFFEN14 said:

Yay. Looking forward to this. I believe it will still be "cross-save" with ps3. In the ps3 version you upload your character and world to "The cloud" which I think is how you can transfer them to vita version.



Chouzetsu said:

YES! YES! YES! I can finally play local multiplayer without having to set up a server.



baconcow said:

Hope they fix up the framerate on the Vita. Update 1.2 and the patch to update 1.2 killed the framerate in many locations.



bbq_boy said:

Oh yes playing terraria on big screen would be sweet. Vita version runs silky smooth over here in UK on update 1.2!

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