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Tecmo Koei Will Become Koei Tecmo from 1st July in Europe

Posted by Robert Ramsey

If you say so

You know it's been a bit of a slow news day when you find yourself writing stories about a Japanese publisher that's reversing its name in Europe, but here we are.

After what seems like an eternity of penning 'Tecmo Koei' in every Dynasty Warriors review and news article, we're going to have to break free from the habit starting from the 1st July, when the European arm of the company adopts 'Koei Tecmo' instead. We're not sure it has the same ring to it, but putting the musou games' creator first may make more sense, given how many Warriors titles we tend to see these days. Will you be just as confused as us when the change comes? We don't even know what tags to use at the bottom of this article.


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Crimson_Ridley said:

I remember when Namco Bandai changed their name to Bandai Namco. That was a difficult day for all of us, with riots in the streets, children and animals just abandoned as people fled their homes in terror, and the whole internet plunged in to darkness as we all just endured the carnage, death and destruction around us.

I predict the same will happen here. grabs wooden boards and a hammer Let's hope my windows and doors hold this time. I lost too many loved ones before!



Zombie_Barioth said:

No, the KT part would be correct now, its just the "Tecmo-Koei Holdings" part that has been backwards.

Is this just for Europe though? Seems weird to only change it there, so I take it we'll be seeing news of this for the US branch eventually.



Gemuarto said:

Maybe SE must become EnixSquare for the sake or good omen or something. I really want to see FFXV on PS4.

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