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Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 30

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Gaming with the window open

It's been a long and warm Summer week for this Associate Editor. Android-like boss Sammy abandoned his post to run away on a lovely country holiday, but we've somehow made it through without the site catching fire or exploding — and you know what that means. Indeed, it's time to set aside your worries and relax by playing some half-decent games over the weekend. Here's the deal: we'll show you ours as long as you promise to show us yours.

Robert Ramsey, Associate Editor

This weekend I'll be taking a trip to anime land as I smash my way through Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn and find my sea legs in One Piece: Unlimited World Red in order to bring you fine folks some reviews. The problem, however, is tearing myself away from giant robots and copious amounts of explosions in order to make some progress with Luffy and his crew. As if two very content heavy titles weren't enough, I'll also be adding a fair bit of gratuitous violence to the colourful mix with co-op component Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept. Maybe I'll just pretend that the jetpacks are actually mobile suits or something.

Ben Potter, Video Editor

After a string of 4AM starts and late bed times, my emotional constitution is so weak that popping a balloon would probably make me cry and punch your face. With this vulnerability at its capacity, I believe I'm in a prime position to dive into heartbreaking despondent dog simulator, Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Hell, just thinking about that sad dog/sad music combo is enough to cause tears to come out of my face. Tissues at the ready, lads.

Jamie O'Neill, Retro Editor

I've been revisiting Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition, predominantly with an interest in this week's PlayStation 4 release, but I've also by digging through my old gaming magazines to reflect upon how the game was first received in the early nineties. I'm tempted to download it on my PlayStation Vita as an extra perk, because a portable version will be handy this weekend, and the Cross-Buy option is always appreciated.

Brett Young, News Reporter

The trailer for Valiant Hearts: The Great War at this year's E3 really struck a chord with me, so I'm eager to puzzle my way through Ubisoft's little opus this weekend. I'll also be tackling something far less poignant, as I take a break from restoring my old Commodore Amiga A600 to play the immensely fun platform-shooter Ruff 'n' Tumble.

Kell Andersen, News Reporter

I had originally planned to spend this year's summer drought attempting to get 100% completion in Watch Dogs. Unfortunately, that game is about as interesting as a casserole made entirely of cardboard and sand. So instead, I'll be attempting to finish the open world hackathon as quickly as possible in order to trade it in for Murdered: Soul Suspect. In this way, I'll be switching the iconic cap for the humble fedora, and restoring peace and balance to the universe.

Nicola Hayden, News Reporter

This weekend will be spent purely battling the backlog. My epic struggle towards obtaining Conception II's platinum in my first run is nearing its grand conclusion. It's a good thing too, as I'm quickly running out of names for all my children. Feel free to recommend any — especially twins — and I'll post your child on my Twitter. My Tales of Symphonia co-op run will also be slowly plodding along in the evenings, especially as the plot is hitting the fan.

Graham Banas, Reviewer

Having just finished Valiant Hearts, which I loved, I think it's time to play a couple of the games that I nabbed from the Steam Sale [Steam Sale? What's that? — Ed]. It's great to collect games on Steam, but I want to play some of them!

Joey Thurmond, Reviewer

I'm going on a cruise to several places in Europe starting next Friday [Lucky! — Ed], so before then, I've finally put in some good time dishing out justice with Batman: Arkham Origins and hope to finish it this weekend. I also rented Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark and am very anxious to see if it will live up to High Moon Studios' epic, underrated games. However, I have a bad feeling that it won't...

Simon Fitzgerald, Reviewer

With exams done and dusted, I will be returning to full time gaming. This weekend I'll be playing Rayman Legends. Rayman is one of my favourite characters, and was also the star of one of the very first games I played on both the original PlayStation and Gameboy Advance. The second game I'll be enjoying is Fez, as it's currently discounted for all PS Plus members.

Well? What are you waiting for? Get into the comments section and rummage around for some friendly conversation. Whatever you plan on playing, let us know below.

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FullbringIchigo said:

One Piece Unlimited World Red (PSVita) for the most part although I may dabble in a few other games as well, not sure yet



darkswabber said:

I'm playing watch dogs and blue estate on my PS4, I'm also playing the pinball arcade s1 on my new PSVITA.



sackninja said:

Many Games. Need to beat the last chapter of killzone mercenaries, the last area of resogun and on the end of peggle which I got for free on origin. A few more games as well probably.



sinalefa said:

Need to get Shovel Knight. I beat Bayonetta on Hard last night. Probably advancing through my backlog with small games like Crashmo, Tappingo and NightSky.



Tasuki said:

@get2sammyb: Welcome back hope you enjoyed your vacation.

This weekend will be Mario Kart 8. Got a chance to finally play this game and well it's got its hooks into me bad.



Kyroki said:

This weekend I'll be playing a little bit of Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies with my buddy, Jason on my 360. Aside from that, on the PS4 side of things, I guess I'll maybe try another run at Outlast, haven't played it since finishing the story and I haven't even got the Whistleblower DLC so I think I'll download and play tht later tonight. All in all, going to be a good weekend!



Doctor_BK said:

Some Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer and the beautiful Child of Light on PS4, but on the roadtrip tomorrow I will be playing Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time on my Vita.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Well Soul Sacrifice Delta has a lot of content, i worry i might not finish it all. Borderlands 2 done with gunzerker, onto Zero.

MGS5 Ground Zeroes: I really dug into this in anticipation of The Phantom Pain.



JaxonH said:

PS4: Valiant Hearts
Wii U: Pushmo World
X1: [nothing]
Vita: Lemmings Touch
3DS: Shovel Knight

Seriously though, Shovel Knight is that creme de le creme! Valiant Hearts and Pushmo World are also VERY fun games.

Wow, I've turned into a digital download gamer and didn't even realize it. Guess that speaks volumes for the quality of smaller downloadable games.



Gamer83 said:

Wolfenstein: The Order. And still messing around with some side activities in Watch Dogs, doing some trophy hunting.



Dohv said:

On my PS4 I'll be playing MLB 14 The Show, it's the game I'm giving most of my attention to right now. I'm about 75 games into my franchise right now.

On my Xbox One I'll be playing Wolfenstien The New Order, I had the game since May and still haven't completed it. I guess I better give that more attention. But other than that me Xbone won't be getting much action until the Fall when Forza Horizon 2, Halo MCC, and Sunset Overdrive come out.



ToddlerNaruto said:

I started playing Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (PS3) , I just completed Mission 01: It's All Greek to Me .



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Another World, the new Resogun stuff and Watch_Dogs, still. Mostly Resogun, addictive.

Also, I hope to get together a group of players to finally try out that new Killzone DLC.



bbq_boy said:

Beating Soul sacrifice delta to get my first prestige heart and mixing it up with disgaea 3 on vita. And maybe some WoW on pc.



sefaffefaefawef said:

I'm playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

I got a PS3 a few weeks ago. There's so much to play. I'm excited.



Holydiver85 said:

Finally beat Wolfenstein Friday night. Took me until about 2 am but I was on a roll and felt like I was close to the end. That scene with Bubi, that nazi was intense. Anyone else who beat it should know what I mean. Finally started watchdogs yesterday and I pre ordered that. Haha.



DoublezZ01 said:

id be playing the game in the pic above if my Pre-ordered Physical Eu copy would get here already!!!! =/But Meanwhile im playin some KZSF Intercept !!!!! And Binary Domain!!!

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