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Say Hello to Tales of Xillia 2's Two Main Characters, Ludger and Elle

Posted by Robert Ramsey

You go girl

Tales of Xillia 2 is only a couple of months away, and as you'd expect, publisher Bandai Namco is starting to throw out numerous trailers that detail the title's party members. Today, we start with the JRPG's two main characters: Ludger and Elle.

As you can tell, it's probably best that protagonist Ludger is taking responsibility for youngster Elle. Travelling with her on a no doubt long and arduous journey, the two are bound to share a lot of screen time, so you'd best get used to them. Aside from how he maintains his perfectly groomed hair, we know all about Ludger in that he's unsurprisingly handy in a fight, and that he's a master of making story-changing decisions. Elle, meanwhile, is undertaking a rather demanding quest despite the fact that she's s squeaky voiced child, but we suppose that it takes all kinds to make a JRPG party. Are you happy with the sequel's new faces, or will no one top Jude and Milla? Tell us what two colours you'd love to dye your hair in the comments section below.

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Ryumoau said:

Man, i keep getting more and more excited with each new preview of this game. I can only hope it will be just as memorable as Xillia was for me last year.



alphadrago5 said:

If they kill off Milla (again) they're gonna get a lot of hate mail.. That's all I have to say.

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